“Success Is Not Everything” – 5 Lessons To Learn From Failure

Everyone goes through some sort of failure. Most people associate failure with complete defeat. Failure doesn’t leave you empty handed. The lessons learned are the most valuable ones.What is one of the most important reasons to fail?Claude Steele, a psychologist at Stanford University, has experimented and observed how certain people perform under pressure. He has […]

“I was so scared to meet my mother-in-law but she turned out to be the opposite of what I had expected!” – The Changing Image of Mother-in-laws

Some people get along well with their mother-in-laws while many don’t. The relationship between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law has been considered to be a very delicate one. They have their imagined fears about each other. But, the times are changing and we find them being more like friends.For the occasion of World Mother-in-law Day […]