Radhika Gupta: Owning Your Narrative

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Radhika Gupta is a well-known Indian Entrepreneur. She inspired many women to achieve their goals in life despite having challenges and disabilities. Edelweiss Mutual Fund’s Managing Director and CEO, Radhika Gupta, has shown that perceptions of disability vary. The identity of “the girl with the broken neck” is Radhika Gupta. Views of “The Girl With a Broken Neck,” a YouTube video featuring one of her talks, have exceeded 110,000.

She established the strategic direction for the team’s investment, distribution, and platform when she joined the company as the business head of multi-strategy funds. She has established India’s first domestic investment firm and is the only female head of a significant asset manager in the nation. Radhika Gupta is a public speaker. She gave various motivational speeches. After completing the Technology Program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Management, she holds combined degrees in computer science engineering from the Moore School and economics from the Wharton School.                                                           

Recently, Radhika Gupta, the Chief Executive Officer of Edelweiss Asset Management Limited and “Shark” on Shark Tank India, spoke to a group of management school students about her inspirational path. Despite her incredible accomplishments, Radhika disclosed that she had considered suicide once because she had been rejected for a job. 

Radhika, who comes from a family in the service class, stressed the need for education to end the middle-class cycle in India. She also talked about a special difficulty she had to deal with from birth: an old nurse’s carelessness caused her to be born with a fractured neck. Her neck tilted more noticeably as she grew older.

Due to her father’s many overseas postings from his work in the Indian Foreign Service, Radhika had additional difficulties. She talked about how hard it was to fit in in a variety of environments, especially when she was attending an American international school in Nigeria.

Radhika started her career with prestigious companies including AQR Capital Management, Microsoft, and McKinsey and Company. She started the asset management industry in 2009 when she co-founded Forefront Capital Management in Mumbai, India. The company was later bought by Edelweiss Financial Services Limited in 2014. After she became CEO of Edelweiss Mutual Fund (Asset Management Company Limited) in 2017, the company’s assets under management increased dramatically under her strategic direction, from ₹ 6,700 crore on March 31, 2017, to ₹ 1,04,896 crore on March 31, 2023.

Radhika played a crucial in the purchase of JP Morgan Mutual Fund during her time there, managing its smooth 2016–2017 merger into Edelweiss. Under her direction, Edelweiss Mutual Fund introduced the first corporate bond ETF in India, the Bharat Bond ETF, in 2019, which was a major turning point in the company’s history. Edelweiss Mutual Fund moved from a rank of 30 in March 2017 to a top 13 position by September 2023 thanks to this and other innovations. The key components of this incredible success have been Radhika’s emphasis on creative and solution-led goods and her development of a solid investment team with a culture of risk awareness and governance.

In addition to her work at the company, Radhika is an enthusiastic supporter of financial literacy. She is frequently observed voicing her opinions during business gatherings and motivational seminars. Furthermore, she is a podcast contributor and the writer of the book “Limited,” which helps readers improve their achievement via self-investment. Her advocacy includes body positivity and mental wellness, as she shares her personal experiences to motivate others. 

Radhika is married to Nalin Moniz, and together they have a baby boy, Remy Gupta Moniz.

Radhika has received multiple awards in recognition of her outstanding leadership and services, including:

  • Award for 40 Under 40 Business Leaders from Economic Times:
  • Top Voices in India on LinkedIn for Finance and Economy in 2021
  • The World Economic Forum’s 2020 Young Global Leader:
  • Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) 2022 Young Women Leader of the Year 2022.
  • Forbes Women Power: India’s Self-Made Women
  • 2022: The Most Powerful Women in Indian Business Award by Business Today
  • Fortune India’s 50 Most Powerful Women in Business for 2021 and 2019:
  • 2020
  • The Maharashtra Governor presents the Impact Creator Awards 2021.
  • FICCI Publishing Awards’ 2021 Business Book of the Year: Self Help (Limited) 2023

Radhika Gupta Teaches Us Some Important Lessons

Radhika Gupta proved her abilities and set an example despite her disabilities. Her greatest strength came from the way she made use of her vulnerability and accepted her flaws. Honesty and truthfulness are the attributes that helped her grow.  She shares her struggles, how she overcame rejection, and how she chose to ignore the depressing remarks in her book “Limited.” Therefore, rather than letting your disability bring you down, pursue your goals and take inspiration from real-life examples of amazing people. These are the six key lessons she taught during her life.

  • Accept no as an answer; you’ll probably benefit from it.
  • Accept criticism and try to become a better version of yourself.
  • Start taking chances now, or else the daily routine is going to overwhelm you.
  • Start the talks you want to have without judging yourself.
  • Admit when you don’t know something and ask for assistance.
  • Instead of trying to make work-life “perfect,” aim for work-life integration.

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