Overcoming academic anxiety & pandemic stress: Story of Sagarika from ISPP

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Sagarika's battle with academic anxiety and pandemic stress

“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn, and you will.” — Vernon Howard

A long break in-between years is, more often than not, a significant challenge for someone amidst their academics, which further causes academic anxiety and the stress which follows. And as someone immersed in other primary life responsibilities, the long break before joining ISPP was the most challenging for 26-year-old Sagarika. 

For quite some time, Sagarika had held off the essential things and neglected her wellbeing in the process of pleasing others. So when she finally jumped back into academics, she started to struggle. But that’s not it. Her struggle slowly turned into anxiety when the entire COVID-19 pandemic situation triggered her thoughts. She often found herself ‘stressing’ over the wellbeing of her family and friends, so much that it became difficult for her to manage everything in her mind. 

And it was all going downhill until one day, she attended a speech at her University by Richa Singh, the founder of YourDOST. On gaining insights around the importance of reaching out, Sagarika propelled herself to take up a session at YourDOST to improve her mental health. 

“I wouldn’t say I had any major issues. But getting back into academics after a long break was a little overwhelming for me, especially during the Pandemic.”

 On gaining insights around the importance of reaching out, Sagarika propelled herself to take up a session at YourDOST to improve her mental health.

Reaching out to YourDOST had connected Sagarika with her counselor Meenakshi who had encouraged Sagarika to book sessions without any hesitations of how big or small the problem appeared. Meenakshi had advised Sagarika to seek guidance on sorting any issue she faced whenever needed. After a few sessions with Meenakshi, Sagarika had built up an excellent rapport with her where she no lomger felt hiding her academic anxiety issues. Meenakshi would make her comfortable by never judging Sagarika’s thoughts/actions, thus, making it easier for her to open up. 

“I just really needed someone to talk to without being judged for my actions.”

Besides the usual therapy talks, Meenakshi had also helped Sagarika categorize the goals she wanted to achieve. She further guided her into gaining more clarity and directed her thoughts in the right way with fun exercises and activities. The sessions were a mix and match of activities, practices, techniques, and talks that positively impacted Sagarika’s life. The little things that Sagarika learned helped her see things from a fresh perspective, understand her emotions better and process them more efficiently. Not just that, but they had a much positive impact on her physical health too. 

Sagarika firmly believes that no one should feel uncomfortable when it comes to seeking guidance or counseling.

“Thanks to Meenakshi’s guidance, I am no longer anxious about the hurdles I might face in the future and have learned to see things from a fresh perspective.”

Sagarika has been grateful for Meenakshi’s presence when she needed someone to listen and guide. She says, “It’s a huge boost just knowing that she’s there. So a combination of gratitude to ISPP for funding it and Meenakshi for being there.” 

When asked to suggest something to people seeking help, Sagarika adds, “No one should feel uncomfortable when it comes to seeking guidance or counseling.”  

And while she actively encourages everyone to look after their mental health and not let responsibilities or distractions get in the way of their wellbeing, we at YourDOST second it wholeheartedly.

Dr. Nadeem’s Warrior Tips:
1. Whatever your profession is, at some point, you will need someone to talk your heart out.
2. Counseling is not for the weak. It is to make you stronger.

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