Shailaja Shares Her Battle With Depression

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Depression is not feeling sad once in a blue moon, it is rather a persistent feeling of sadness and worthlessness. There is a lack of desire to engage in any pleasurable activities. Shailaja Vishwanath battled depression but overcame the condition with the support of her family.

Depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia were terms of Psychology vaguely familiar to Shailaja when she was a student in 1998. Three years later, she fell victim to the insidious vice of mental illness herself. It affected her family and also led her to the verge of committing suicide. She was lost and decided to seek professional help to battle her condition.


Being a professional psychologist herself, she clarifies that there are no universal symptoms of depression. The stigma of mental illness is such that the symptoms are often undetected, unresolved and even shamed by the society. The first symptoms are only detected with extreme behavioural reactions.

Shailaja suffered from insomnia, suicidal tendencies, hallucinations and extreme, violent mood swings. She couldn’t sing or write anymore despite being skilled at both these things. Having conversations with anybody had become impossible for her.

Even after recovery, she found it difficult to trust people, open up or even speak like she did before the illness. Eventually, with time and dedicated support, these feelings became a thing of the past.

Shailaja did not shy away from approaching a therapist. She was also supported by her family throughout her ordeal. This helped her win the battle against depression.

Mental ailments are just as important as chronic illnesses like cancer and AIDS, and must be treated so. Shailaja, with her knowledge and experience, suggests people suffering from depression or any other mental illness to seek treatment and address them like any physical health concern. To quote her directly, “It is your battle and if you don’t fight then who will?”
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