A Teenager Battled Depression Alone After Her Parents Separated

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At 14, the little girl wanted to end her life by drinking whitener thinner. She was disturbed by her family’s condition. Her parents were separating because her father had an extramarital affair with a married woman.


Debasmita recalls the awful time when she had to deal with starvation. Her mother did not have enough money to even buy a meal for her. On the other hand, her father was enjoying with his mistress. Her pregnant mother could not look after everything all by herself.

“I was in pain and I was completely shattered. There was nobody to share my feelings. I was always tensed.”

Her mother had tried to run away from home. She had even tried to kill herself. She loved and trusted her husband but he didn’t seem to value any of it.

“My mom would lie to me saying that everything I knew wasn’t true. My father was just away for a trip. But I knew it all.”

It was a delicate situation for her. She could see her mother, the strongest person in her life, feeling weak and helpless. She couldn’t handle it anymore so she started taking sleeping pills. She tried online counselling but the company policy needed parents’ consent.

It was after her third suicide attempt when she realised that she had already survived two attempts already. Meanwhile, one of her friends informed everything about her to a teacher at the school.

“Mrs Jyotshna, my Sanskrit teacher called me. She made me look at the positive side of life. She told me that the bad days are always followed by good ones.”

Since then Debasmita has been optimistic. At 16, she was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Trait & Migraine.  Her father also visited her. He told her that he was ashamed of his past. He asked for forgiveness and her family was united once again. Since then Depression has never returned.

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