Abhishek Faced Some Tough Situations But Eventually Chose To Fight

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Abhishek had a difficult childhood. He didn’t perform well in his studies. Even his friends deserted him. At home, the atmosphere wasn’t a happy one either as his parents had frequent arguments. He fell in love and started feeling better but even his girlfriend left him due to a misunderstanding.


To make things even worse, Abhishek met with an accident where a truck ran over his thighs. He was in tremendous pain for a year. When he needed people the most, they all left him to deal with his problems alone.

“Depression was caused due to both emotional turmoil and the physical challenges. The accident took away my active life.”

Every night he would cry himself to sleep. This helped him feel better by morning. He tried to share his feelings with his girlfriend but she was of no help. Eventually, she cheated on him and made things even worse.

“When she cheated on me, it took me three years to move on.”

He had flings with many girls thinking that it would help him, but it didn’t. So he decided to try falling in love again. It was very difficult for him to trust girls and fall in love again but he wanted to give it another chance.

Abhishek is a true fighter. He always tried to keep himself busy with work. Even though he was depressed, he still tried to keep himself mentally strong.

“I never gave up even though things weren’t fine; they aren’t even now. But I never gave up. I have proved that I am a survivor. No matter how difficult life gets, I will always fight”

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