Physically Abused As A Child, Jitender Slipped Into Depression

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Family background creates a huge impact on everyone. Jitender was raised in a family of substance abusers. As a kid, he was molested by a stranger but he could never share his angst with his parents.

“Home seemed nothing less than hell and going to school was like a nightmare as I had no friends.”

The little jovial kid continued to stay shut in an imaginary shell. In 2011, he joined college. He also started theatre which brought positive changes. It improved his communication skills and his capability of working in teams. He made a few friends within the group.


He thinks that it must have been sheer luck that he got admitted into an MA program despite his low marks. In September 2014, a few months after joining the course, Jitender’s father passed away.

“I felt like killing myself. To distract myself I would drink all night. I would even cut myself leaving blood stains all over the bed.”

In December 2014 Jitender joined an NGO for Comprehensive Sexual Education. Depression was at its peak making him hate everything. He was always late to work and struggled to get out of bed.

During one of the smoke breaks at work, his friend shared that she was suffering from clinical Depression and was seeking help for it. This conversation stuck with him and he began to learn about Depression. He seemed to have most of the symptoms, so he decided to seek help.

Jitender is now on the road to recovery. He is giving a tough fight to Depression. To anyone who is facing a tough time, Jitender says,

“It is okay to be weak and cry. Take some time and accept your condition. Things will get better automatically.”

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