Abandoned By Friends, She Beat Depression And Loneliness On Her Own

2 minutes

She worked really hard for her +2 board exams. After an anxious wait, the results were finally announced. She was unhappy with her score. She assumed that she would not get a college admission. This disturbed her and put her under tremendous stress.

There were times when she would cry without a reason. She would lock herself up for long hours. She went into a shell of her own.

“I was not speaking to anyone. I was mentally disturbed.”

In the same year, she got admission in a college. She made two friends there which was a fresh change to her otherwise dull life. She felt more relaxed than before.


Just when she thought she was getting better, her friends decided to stop speaking to her. They cut off from her completely. She felt bad each time she saw them talk and hang out together. She was hurt and disturbed. Due to this, she couldn’t concentrate and it adversely impacted her studies. She returned to the dark phase where her eyes would swell up with tears for no reason.

“I decided not to be dependent on them. I pulled myself out of that black hole”

With new vigour, hard work and enthusiasm, she excelled in studies. She did not let the behaviour of her friends affect her. Even though she was depressed, she was determined to fight back.

She didn’t let depression overpower her. She strengthened herself emotionally and understood that she needed to be more concerned about herself than others.

“Depression can be tough but it can never be more powerful than you.”

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