Ajinkya Kolhe Battled Depression In The USA

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Battling depression is tough. To encounter it in a foreign land is terrifying, to say the least. But for Ajinkya Kolhe, this was the grim reality of a very difficult phase in life.


Ajinkya is a resident of Pune who openly shares the story of his struggle and how it changed his life. He was a bright student and graduated from a prestigious engineering institute in India. He then moved to the USA to pursue his Masters. Once there, he found it difficult to befriend new people and felt homesick. A lack of emotional support worsened his mental health.

“In a way, I felt disconnected with everyone and everything. Nothing excited me anymore – neither friends nor studies”

Ajinkya was battling clinical depression. He was scared, stressed, and insomnious, and his academic performance suffered. He resisted receiving support from friends and colleagues. He ultimately made the drastic decision to drop out and return to India.

Ajinkya was upset to return to India without a degree or a job. He found it difficult to adjust to life back home also. While friends and family were supportive, relatives and acquaintances were very judgmental.

Ajinkya started reading voraciously about depression. This helped him put his life back on track. With guidance, he was able to trace the thoughts and behaviour patterns which had caused his depression

“Today, I can say that even though it was the worst part of my life, it taught me lessons for a lifetime.”

Ajinkya learnt that it is far better to accept that you are in pain rather than avoiding it and that it is necessary to see things for what they are and not magnify them. He also realised that he had deep running trust issues, and worked upon them. He feels that dealing with depression has ultimately made him a better person.

Ajinkya resumed and successfully completed his studies at an Indian university. He advises anyone going through a tough time to pause and reflect.

“Struggle is nature’s way of strengthening. And depression can truly be avoided if we trust family and friends and have honest conversations with them.”

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