What Are The Benefits Of Being An Introvert?

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I am an Introvert. I don’t know what to talk about at parties. Sometimes I came early from the party just to avoid small talks with the unknown masses. I don’t add a request of unknown people on my social media accounts. I prefer stairs than lift. I feel awkward with small conversations. I like being with those who never leave in mid of my lifetime. I don’t like detachments because I receive very few bonds. I don’t break up easily, but when I am done, I am answered.

When my friends ask me to go out I am the always one to cancel it. I love food, but simply with few best mates of mine. I love travelling, but mostly alone or with my best mate. I maintain my personal life personal, I don’t socialise much.

It’s okay to post a single photo of mine, but not with each and every person in my life. I don’t like dramatic people, it’s either white or black but no grey. And especially, I don’t like to get to my cellular telephone phone and I feel it’s a useless toy I own. I am an observant. I believe in long-term relationships, there is no short cut in life.

I am only different, but alike others. Introverts have very good characters which should be known and understood to us.

Being an introvert has its own advantages:

  1. Alone walkers

We get energy from being alone. We don’t want to be lonely, but we do a lot of things alone. Spending a great deal of time on oneself, concentrating on a thing or task, we daydream, we avoid loud music and loud people around us. We deliver a unique approach towards life.

  1. Good listeners

We are world class good listeners. It doesn’t imply we don’t like to let the cat out of the bag, we are receptive to those whom we love the most. We are perpetually in control whether its people or place. We listen and then we pause and then we reply.

  1. Good observers

We may pretend that we don’t know anything but we observe everything. We may take a back seat when it comes to group conversations. We don’t wish to respond in situations. Sometimes we don’t pay heed to even reply to that to whom we don’t believe we should. But we can still good observers.

  1. Maintain long-term relationships

We believe in long term relationships, long conversations, long walk. We generally avoid short or casual talks. Actually, we don’t know how to talk for a short while. We are flexible in relationships, we give importance to the person with whom we are, rather hold ourselves up. We maintain our relationships close, we never kick them away even when it’s hard to handle because we know the worth.

  1. We get things done as we talk less

We believe in achieving our goals rather than boasting about them. We are action takers. We have the thoughtfulness that is required to accomplish tasks. This way, we maintain the balance in our lives.

  1. Creative, Out-of- box thinking

We are the creative ones, we do what our heart speaks out. We really don’t worry about what people think about us. They anyway judge us for being introverts. If we feel honest about it, we do it. This is what we call inner satisfaction.

  1. Introverts are good judges of character

As we spend more time with ourselves, we know who we truly are. We are more aware of negative traits in a person. We generally know the genuine aspect of masses. As we spend time knowing ourselves we also try to understand others instead of judging them.

  1. Good decision makers

When I have to take a decision on important aspects, I sit alone and think about its pros and cons. I take chances when it has to be but think more before taking any actions. As I spend time with myself I find it easier to decide for myself.

  1. Independent

Introverts are independent and self-reliant because they spend most of the time with themselves. They have been alone and yet they do well. This shows their personal magnetism.

  1. Take life seriously

We consider each and every component of life seriously. Whether, it is a relationship, health, project, task, etc. We are meticulous in our everyday life.

We enjoy a lot, but all in our own ways. I like to hug trees, I like playing outdoor games once a day, I like reading books rather than chatting with somebody, I like to dance all alone with my selected music, I love to talk with my best friend only, I don’t remember birthdays and expect the same from everyone, I like to count the stars at night, I like to watch the commercials on YouTube and lots more.

Introverts live a similar life like most of us, but with a different outlook. Do you feel uncomfortable to be an introvert? Speak to the Experts at YourDOST who can help you accept yourself better.

Swatilina Barik

Swatilina, a lawyer by profession is a die-hard music fan. She invests her time in reading books. She is a sports enthusiast and follows football religiously. She loves travelling and explore new things. She likes to express her opinion through her writing. Through Your DOST, she wants to reach the masses and spread awareness about things that matter.