Five Telltale Signs That an Introvert Likes You

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You know an introvert likes you if they…

1. Let you in on their carefully crafted plans

Let you into their plans

Almost all the plans made by an introvert never include err…other people, so if you ever get invited to join them for a “fun hangout” you can be sure that something’s up, but in a good way of course.

2. Reveal something unexpected about them

Reveal something about themselves

Introverts hate to talk and prefer to listen. But if you see that your introvert friend opens up and shares interesting things about themselves with you, then they definitely think you’re special.

3. Invite you into their quiet space

Invite you into their quite space

Introverts are known to ferociously guard their space because it usually is a reflection of who they are. Also, it’s a place where they spend some quality alone time. So if an introvert buddy asks you to come over and just chill, it means that they like spending time with you. Coming from an introvert, that’s huge!

4. Give you deep, life-changing advice

I believe in you


Introverts prefer people reaching out to them, and that too, as little as possible. So if you notice that an introvert in your circle, is going out of their way to help you with handy tips or by giving you life-changing advice in your time of need, it shows that they genuinely care for you.

5. Remember those little things you mentioned ages ago

They remember the small things

Introverts don’t like talking much, but they do make an effort to know people through the small or big things they reveal about themselves. So the next time, an introvert you know gifts you that book which brings back your childhood memories, don’t be surprised, it’s just their way of showing that they care about you and the things you like.

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