10 Situations That are Absolute Nightmares for Introverts

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Introverts, don’t you hate it when people don’t understand you? Well, say no more fam. We got you.

Hey people, here are a few situations that are as nightmarish as it can get for our introverted friends :

1. A crowded and noisy party

Introvert at a party
Source – https://introvertdoodles.com

“I could’ve stayed at home and read a book”

2. Making small talk with a stranger

Introvert making small talk
Source – http://khurafaati.in

“Actually I’m allergic to small talk”

3. Asked to speak in a class

Introvert speaking in a class
Source – http://memecrunch.com

“Umm, no thanks”

4. Group projects

Introvert in a group project
Source – http://imgflip.com

“Oh God! What did I do to deserve this hell?”

5. A crowded store

Introvert after a visit to the store
Source – http://someecards.com

“I had to talk to people. It was AWFUL!”

6. An unexpected phone call

Introvert answering an unexpected phone call
Source – http://explosm.net

“Oh God NO!”

7. An expected phone call

Introvert answering an expected phone call
Source – http://www.aaroncaycedokimura.com/

“Seriously, it’s 2017. Who makes calls?”

8. Making a phone call

Introvert making a phone call
Source – http://floccinaucinihilipilificationa.tumblr.com

“That’s easy…..NOT”

9. A family gathering

Introvert at a family gathering
Source – http://buzzfeed.com

“Oh hi Mausi, can you kill me please?”

10. A surprise party

Introvert at a surprise party
Source – http://buzzfeed.com

“Why? Why would you do that me? WHYYYY?”

An introvert after finding out that this article is over

Introvert after finishing this article
Source – http://keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk

All jokes apart, introverts rock. They’re so unique in their own way, and we love them.

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