7 Reasons Why Introverts Are Awesome

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I am an Introvert. I don’t know what to talk about at parties. Sometimes, I leave a party early just to avoid small talk with strangers. I don’t accept friend requests from unknown people on social media. I prefer taking the stairs to using the elevator. I feel awkward when trying to network.

“When my friends ask me to go out, I almost always turn down the offer. I love eating out, but only with a few very close friends of mine.”

The Introverts

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Unfortunately, we introverts are tremendously misunderstood and judged by societyBut, Being an introvert has its own advantages:

1. Good Listeners

We are world-class listeners. It doesn’t mean we dislike talking, but we are receptive to those whom we love the most. We like to be perpetually in control when it comes to interacting with people or visiting places. We listen, then we pause, and then we reply.


2. Good Observers

We may appear to know nothing sometimes, but we observe everything. We may take a back seat when it comes to group conversations. Sometimes we don’t even bother to reply to things that we think aren’t worthy of a reply. But no matter what, our observing never ends.

3. Good Decision Makers

When I have to make important decisions, I sit alone and think about the pros and cons. I take chances when I have no other choice, but give it great deal of thought before taking any actions. As I spend time an abundant amount of time with myself, I find it easier to make decisions for myself.

4. Meticulous

We take each and every aspect of life seriously. Whether, it is a relationship, health, project, task, etc., we are meticulous about our everyday life. We believe in achieving our goals rather than boasting about them.

5. Creative, Out-of- box Thinkers

We are the creative ones. We do what our heart says. We  don’t really worry much about what people think of us. They anyway judge us for being introverts. If we feel strongly about it, we do it. This is what we call inner satisfaction.

Introverts are very creative people
source – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/

6. Good Judge Of Character

As we spend more time with ourselves, we are more aware of who we truly are. We are more aware of the negative traits in a person. We generally know the genuine aspects of the masses. As we spend time understanding ourselves we also try to understand others instead of judging them.

7. Great Life-Partners

We believe in long term relationships, long conversations, long walks. We generally avoid small or casual talk. Actually, we don’t know how to make small talk. We are flexible in relationships i.e. we give importance to the other person, rather than trying to prove ourselves more important.

So my fellow extroverts reading this, spot an introvert around you and marry them! 🙂

And my fellow introverts reading this, be proud of who you are. You have nothing to be ashamed of even if our society tells us otherwise, because believe it or not? We RULE!!

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