Beauty Is Not Always Attractive, But Attraction Is Always Beautiful!

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We often pass comments like, “She is attractive but not beautiful!”

What is the difference between the two?

Beauty is a phenomenon which holds some standards. Personally, I never feel there should be such criterion. But our society has laid down certain beauty norms. In order to reach such standards, fairness cream and parlour treatments for fair skin are used. A number of different shampoos and conditioners are available for soft and silky hair.

But when we don’t get the desired output what do we feel? Frustration!

Our DNA is responsible for our skin colour, height, and even the texture of the hair. There may be minor improvements but there can’t be any drastic changes. For instance, we can avoid dark circles by getting enough sleep.

Beauty is not the only necessity to look attractive. Beautiful people are indeed attractive. One needs not to be conventionally beautiful to look attractive.

For a woman fair complexion, long silky hair, sharp eyes, straight nose, appropriate lips, proportionate figure, are some beauty standards. (isn’t that sick?)

Let’s take another example:

Suppose you know somebody with an average height, regular hair, and average features. He generally prefers wearing clothes with dull colours. He doesn’t possess anything different according to beauty standards.

Now imagine, the same guy, on a certain day, suddenly brings about some changes in his everyday look! Trendy haircut with a suitable hair colour, bright and catchy coloured outfits, a pair of some amazing shoes, what will you say? Definitely, he will look handsome to your eyes. Now here some tricky part comes. No doubt, he looks nice! But has his features changed? Has his height changed? Has his hair texture changed? NO! So the person you perceived as handsome is not due to his beauty attributes. But due to attractiveness which he adopted in his lifestyle.

So basically there is good news for us! Even if we can’t change our beauty, we can surely become attractive by small and intentional changes in our routine and lifestyle.

Attractiveness depends on your confidence and how you carry yourself. Despite being blessed with all beauty standards, if you are lack self-confidence, nobody will notice your set of beauty standards! (well, I am fed up of these standards) But your personality, kindness, a genuine smile may create an impact making you a beautiful person.

Complexion and other physical features are nature’s gifts, which can’t be changed. But we can be better individuals.  Having flaws is not a crime most of us have it.

Beauty is how you see yourself and not how the world perceives you. Live for yourself first then for others. 

We can be more intellectual, positive and confident. In fact, there is a popular proverb that

Confidence is the key to beauty!

Beautiful is more of a physical phenomenon. But attractiveness is a collective and vast phenomenon. Don’t get stuck to the standards set by the society. There is nothing more beautiful than a kind heart. Confidence, kindness, genuine smile are the real standards of humanity which can make anybody beautiful.

To live beautifully you need not look beautiful!

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Dipti Kabade

Dipti Kabade is a 32 years old Scientist at a Chemical Company. She has worked for a UNICEF campaign called "End Violence". She has her personal blog in Marathi and is an active social media writer.