Are Beautiful Women And Handsome Men More Confident Than Ordinary People?

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True beauty is the flame of self-confidence shining from the inside out. ~ Barrie Davenport

One cannot base his/her confidence on good looks alone because they are not everlasting. They will disappear with age or accident as this is part of life and a harsh fact that no one can defy. Then how can we set the foundation of our entire self-esteem on something that will eventually vanish? If we do so then that is not being confident rather it’s a fallacy.

We cannot rest our mettle on other’s ratings. ‘If others rate me as beautiful or handsome only then I will be good enough or else no’ – is a very weak mindset to have. True confidence is not just an appearance.

The inferences stated above can be strengthened with a few research examples like one of the supermodel Cameron Russel. In one of her much talked about TED talks, she clearly states that she felt” insecure “despite having great looks and having served as a top model for almost a decade for the famous brands like Victoria’s secret.

She said she always was under constant pressure to look “good” that made her very nervous and was always under the pressure to perform her best and look her best consistently, at all times.

She said she cannot guarantee to look beauteous in her old age and therefore the insecurities surrounded her permanently. If beauty was a ticket to being aplomb then Cameron would have been super confident, but that is not the real scenario.

Let us look at another real life example, that proves being beautiful does not guarantee to make you confident.

 As a mother-of-one and the second-highest-paid model in the world, Miranda Kerr certainly has plenty to be proud of, but she has not always found reasons to be confident. The 30-year-old supermodel opened up about how the pressures of the modelling industry have made it difficult in the past to find self-esteem and balance in her life.

‘Models are some of the most insecure people I’ve ever met,’ she said. ‘They’re constantly being told they’re not good enough. You’ve really got to practice loving yourself.’

Confidence has nothing to do with being good looking or attractive. It’s something that comes from within and life experiences, one’s passions and the struggles that make you come out as an empowered human being. So instead of relying solely upon attractiveness to be able to make an Elan, it’s time to understand that true confidence comes from following your passion, your area of interest and then overcoming all the challenges on your way to success. The sense of achievement surely serves as your confidence booster, no matter how you look.

Good looks cannot guarantee self-assurance but a confident self and a warm smile can surely turn heads and win over hearts of many. As the age old idiom says, “Beauty is but skin deep”, so let us focus on our true internal beauty which is not just superficial.

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Pooja Garg

Pooja Garg is a personal stylist and fashion consultant, Founder and Director at based in Bay Area, San Francisco, USA. She coaches people from all fields on Image & Personal branding that includes Professional Dressing, Social & Business Etiquettes & Body Language. She is an avid blogger ( and and also holder of the prestigious Governor’s Award. Pooja is currently a Style and Image counsellor at YourDOST, and previously worked as Faculty with ICBI and as a Senior Fashion Consultant and Stylist with Van Heusen.