Hey Awesome Person! Yes, You!

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If you want to be average, do what others do. If you want to be awesome, do what no one does. ~Alexander Den Heijer

Isn’t it much easier to appreciate others for their skills and potentials? But, how often do you appreciate yourself?

Sometimes in the midst of all the pressure and responsibilities you may forget all the wonderful, unique things about yourself.

You may not have found the best supporters or you never felt the need to feel awesome about yourself. But come out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Don’t bother about what other’s think about you and be your best supporter! Your confidence depends on how much you believe in yourself.

Try these 6 ways to feel awesome about yourself!

1. Make mistake, but learn from them.

A Canon engineer rested a hot iron on his pen by mistake and ink ejected from it. This principle led to the creation of the very useful inkjet printers.

Mistakes are inevitable and it’s alright! You need not be perfect but remember you are special and unique. Every mistake made should help you try again. As long as you don’t give up, mistakes will always give you a different approach. After every mistake what you tell yourself is crucial. You can either feel worthless or accept that you have got an experience. You can be better prepared when you try again and there is a greater chance to succeed!

2. Your idea can do wonders

There are some ideas so wrong that only a very intelligent person could believe in them. ~George Orwell

Great inventions have happened when the inventors believed in their ideas. Your mind can think about game-changing ideas but you need to believe in them. Take a chance with your ideas. Take a risk to try something new. Give your ideas a shape. Create a strategy or make a plan and then act upon it. Until you try you won’t know if your idea is revolutionary!

3. You are different just like others

You Are Awesome; 6 Ways To Believe It Without Acknowledgement!
Source: Cloudmind.info

You may compare yourself to others but even they compare themselves to others. It’s a vicious cycle and the only way to pass through it is to understand that you are different. You can motivate yourself through others’ experiences but don’t judge or feel jealous. Accept your imperfections because it is a universal challenge all go through. You can be positive about yourself to grow better, smarter and more successful!

4. Help others along with yourself

According to a survey by the United Health Group, 96% of people who volunteered over the past year claimed that volunteering enriched their sense of purpose.

It wouldn’t take too much of your efforts to bring a smile on someone’s face but it could make their day. Showing gratitude by thanking and apologising is also an important gesture to adopt. Your acts of kindness will not only help others but also yourself. You would feel good about yourself and there would be more people who would appreciate you.

5. Don’t take criticism to heart

You Are Awesome; 6 Ways To Believe It Without Acknowledgement!
Source: Haiku Deck

There will always be people who would disagree with you. There would be many who would judge you and even criticise. Understand that not all criticism is helpful to you. Filter out those which will help you develop yourself. Be more action-oriented and accept only those comments which will help in your improvement. Don’t be discouraged and accept rejections. They can be a learning for you to try better opportunities.

6. Look forward to progress than success

When you know your strengths, concentrate on them instead of constantly improving your weaknesses. Make your capabilities stronger so that you are climbing up the ladder of progress. As you progress, success would not be far off. Develop your skills, and continue to learn.

Lastly, do everything it takes to remind yourself that You’re awesome!

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