4 Tips To Tackle The Feeling Of Being Stuck In A Rut

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Have you heard your friends say, “I am stuck here” and “It feels like I am not moving in my life”? Well, they are just talking about a phase in life where everything seems very mundane and they don’t seem to progress in their life in any dimension. It is not uncommon to feel that way.

Most people face this in their life and do not worry, there are many ways to deal with it. Although this invisible obstacle ahead of us is unknowingly stopping us from moving forward in life, there are ways and means to tackle it and break through.

Here are a bunch of things you can try to not feel like you are being stuck in a rut.

Have you not heard the saying, “there is always a way”? There are many!

  • Break that chorus

Sometimes it is just the daily chorus makes you feel like you are stuck and not moving. All your daily routine needs is a bit tweaking here and there. You need to figure out something new to do every day to break that monotonous structure. This helps you explore and experience something new in life. When you do that, you feel you are doing something different and that certainly helps you in getting something novice in your life. It is that necessary momentum that you have been missing out on.

  • Get that stress out of your system

Living a life that you can afford is a task in itself. Many of us live a life where our expenditures do not match with our earnings and hence the room for stress. You are caught in the loop of being stuck in life. The best thing that you can do is plan accordingly. Do you not always have that one person in your gang who knows exactly how much to spend and how to plan the expenses? Well, it is time to learn from them!

  • Do what makes you smile from ear to ear!

There is no greater joy than the joy of doing things that make you happy. Always find and do the things that give you a feeling of doing something you enjoy all by your heart. If it is that desk job that makes you feel like ‘You don’t belong there’, it is time to change. Move on with something that you love to do. 

  • What you think is more important than what society does

Yes, we live with people and they are an integral part of our lives but remember, the society is not living your life, you are! Living your life for your sake is a necessity not many can afford. When you are stuck with the choice society threw at you and are unhappy, it is time to change that. Take control of life and do what keeps you going.

The truth is, you have the power to move forward no matter what obstacles block your path.  You have the power to live up to your highest vision of how your life can be.  You have the power to follow through and make significant progress on your biggest goals. 

You have all this power because you have the CHOICE. 

In each moment you can choose what you think, what you do, and who you want to be. Make the choice that you know in your heart that it is right. Feel no pressure and follow your passion. Positivity is the drug that you need and you need to start with the fact that you are not stuck forever.

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Ojaswi A C

Ojaswi is a Ph.D scholar in English Literature. She believes that she is someone who loves writing about things around her. Her only wish is to reach out to people through her writing and try to make a difference. She believes, you only live once and make the most of it by doing what you love.