4 Things No One Told You About Motivation

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According to the 2003 National Research Council report on motivation, 40% of high school students are chronically disengaged from school.

Not only students but anybody who is bored or inattentive at their task is unlikely to benefit from advancements. Unless steps are taken to bring back their motivation, there is no use of providing other benefits. A person who lacks motivation often gets exhausted or distracted while accomplishing goals.

What is the secret to motivation?

Motivation is perishable and it needs action to sustain. The secret to remaining motivated includes various aspects,

1. Make your work enjoyable

According to the studies on brands and employees, 18% of employees are disengaged which means unhappy and unproductive at work.

Motivation is not just about feeling happy and enthusiastic for a while. The motivation which doesn’t lead to consistent action is useless. The way you go about working also plays an important role. Because motivation is perishable, you must find a way to do your tasks over and over again.

This can be done only when you enjoy it!

2. Use public pressure for your benefit

4 Secrets To Keep Yourself Motivated
Source: www.si.wsj.net

While pressure is often seen negatively, it can be used to your advantage. Inform others about your goals. To maintain your image you would be able to go about achieving your goals. Also, when there is a supervision by somebody you would work better. You would feel responsible and stay focused on your work.

3. Have a purpose

52% of employees are performing without engagement or belonging for their work.

While deciding goals make sure they have a definite purpose. It could be that you gain knowledge or some other benefit. Don’t have a goal which has no vision. The purpose decides the way you approach your goals. Continue to explore new opportunities. 

4. Reward and appreciation are important

39% of employees don’t feel appreciated at work.

A very easy but important way to stay motivated is by rewarding smaller achievements. Make sure that the work you do is to your liking. You don’t have to force yourself to do something which doesn’t interest you. In 2011, Market Tools, Inc. surveyed 630 US employees. It was concluded that 76% of them were unsatisfied by the recognition they received at work. There has to be consistent recognition at work.

Research by Idea Connect, a staffing network, indicated that a recognition program boosts performance by up to 44%.

Achieving success is not a single day event. It is a process of several events. Motivation is the key aspect of achieving your goals.

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