How to Know if You Are Depressed –12 Surprising Signs of Depression!

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With this little poem, I am trying to answer the question, ‘Are you depressed?’ You think you know the answer, but here are a few surprising signs of being depressed, that you may not have noticed. This list of signs of depression might scare you! But worry not, there is help for all these signs of depression.  



Once upon a time, there lived a family in a house atop the hill.
‘Bout this family the wise men and women have a secret to spill,
You might not believe it as they seem normal as normal will,
But when it comes to depression, they all fit the bill!

The Grandma always has an aching neck and a bad back,
While the Grandpa is always dreaming of a nice, juicy smack.

The Mummy of the family can’t control her shopping spree,
The Daddy of the family needs a chilled beer whenever he’s free.

The little boy can’t remember a single thing,
The little girl spends her hours by her Messenger pings.

The Uncle of the family is far from fit but never full,
The Aunt is a petty thief when no one’s looking grabs a handful.

The young girl of the family is a BIG drama Queen,
The young boy is a mess, an embarrassment to clean.

The neighbors of the family are always in need of a puff,
When it comes to a game of cards- they’ve never had enough.

Some of the Common Symptoms of Depression are:

  1. Chronic back pain: This is a symptom that usually goes unnoticed because people don’t associate depression with aches and pain. However, depression can give rise to chronic (especially, lower back) back pain.
  2. Risky sexual behavior: A well-known symptom of depression is the loss of sexual appetite, however, the opposite, an excessive increase in libido to cope with stress is also a sign of depression. This is a symptom that requires immediate health and attention.
  3. Excessive shopping: Do you find yourself impulsively adding items in your Flipkart cart? Does buying pretty things you WANT but don’t NEED, make you feel better? Well, this is a sign of being depressed, and unfortunately, binge shopping is a short-lived joy and not a solution.
  4. Drinking heavily: Surely a gin and tonic every now and then in the evening to relax is fine, but do you find yourself dependent on alcohol to make you feel better? One-third of depressed people do! 
  5. Forgetfulness: Especially a sign of depression in aging people. This is due to the increase in a substance called cortisol in the body when you are depressed. But don’t worry, treatment for depression usually entails treatment for forgetfulness as well.
  6. Addicted to the internet: Do you stay up till odd hours in the morning, surfing the most random websites? When you are online, do you watch a lot of porn, get on gaming sites or sites like Facebook? Sorry, to break this to you, but this is a sign of depression.
  7. Overeating and obesity: We all know that not eating properly is a sign of being depressed, but craving for food, especially sugary foods, and junk food, which leads to weight gain is a classic sign of depression.
  8. Shoplifting: Depressed people, who often feel weak and insignificant, gain a false sense of power by shoplifting.
  9. Exaggerated emotions: Attention all DRAMA QUEENS of all ages and genders. While not showing any emotion is a sign of depression, so is showing too much emotion. 
  10. Gambling: A game of cards during Diwali with your close family and friends is fine. But are you addicted to gambling? Similar to alcohol abuse, binge shopping and eating junk, the high you get is but temporary and not a complete relief from depression.
  11. Neglecting self-care: Now we’re not talking about extensive beauty regimens, but basic care like brushing your teeth and combing your hair should not be neglected. If you find looking after yourself cumbersome and difficult, you might be depressed.
  12. Excessive smoking: Do you need a nicotine rush within 5 minutes of waking up? And do you smoke more than a pack of cigarettes during the rest of the day? These are common habits of depressed people.

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