As An Introvert With Low Self-Esteem, Ravi Felt Like An Outcast

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Ravi's Battle With Depresison

Ravi joined one of the best universities in Tamil Nadu. He faced difficulties with this transition and he being a teenager made matters worse. He was an introvert. Consequently he found it difficult to socialize and make friends.

I felt like an outcast in my own land. I felt lost

Ravi suffered from low self-esteem from a very young age. Unfortunately, this was exacerbated when he joined college. His personal issues haunted him since childhood and forced him to take irrational decisions in life. He began isolating himself and avoided contact with others. His academic performance started to degrade and this got his parents worried. Unfortunately his parents didn’t understand what he was going through. They began to think that the reason for his poor performance and attendance shortage was laziness and negligence.

I really felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. I would binge watch TV or get stuck with computer gaming

Ravi would spend most of his days stuck within the four walls of his room. Frustration, insanity and suicidal thoughts slowly crept in. People did try to help him, but he wished that they tried harder. He was fighting it out alone and it wasn’t an easy fight.

He consulted a psychiatrist who treated him for clinical depression. He took the medicines as prescribed but it didn’t help him. He couldn’t handle his studies so he dropped out of college. After this, his parents realised the gravity of the situation and started to give him all the support and help he needed.

I was really interested in arts so I decided to opt for it as my course

He started exercising and working out at a gym. Life’s been going well for Ravi thereafter. He has started opening up to people and also has his close friend circle now. 

Disclaimer: Name changed to protect identity

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