Depression Can Make One’s Life an Ordeal, but Yash Never Gave Up

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I was diagnosed with depression in 2014.

That’s Yash Kapoor, 33. Employed as a software developer with a Bangalore based MNC, Yash says that he knows why this happened to him.

“I know the root cause of my depression is overthinking”

He had been under tremendous stress for a long time. The impact on his life was all-consuming.

I used to feel a constant strain in my forehead and I just wanted to get rid of it. I started having severe suicidal thoughts. I started to feel like that was the only way to stop the pain.

He had experienced severe sleeping issues in the past years. He would constantly feel low and exhausted. Once he received his diagnosis, the challenges were immense for the next few years. He was let go by his then employer when they came to know of his diagnosis.

He had been struggling with depression for a long time

He went back home and chose to take a bit of a break which lasted 8 months. He used this time to work on himself. He consulted with a Psychiatrist and was put on medication.

“He was unable to help me with my sleep. I was able to stay stable only to a threshold. It all reached a point where I couldn’t differentiate reality from my dreams.”

Through research he tried to understand what might be affecting his sleep. His suspicions were aroused when he read about the effects of a nasal septum. His suspicions were confirmed by an ENT surgeon and he underwent corrective surgery. This helped ease many of Yash’s symptoms.

“I was finally able to get some restful sleep. Once my sleep got better, I also started feeling more self-aware”

With this, he became more aware of how affected his life was by depression. His self-confidence and self-esteem were the hardest hit. So consumed was he by his depression that he was stuck inside his head, battling his own thoughts and was unable to pay any attention to those around him.

Depression turned me into this person who could not have a social connection with anyone. I was always in my head just telling myself that I need to get better. I forgot that I needed to interact with others too

He was unable to form social connections

It is with this complaint that Yash approached YourDOST. He connected with clinical Psychologist, Ms. Puroitree Majumdar.

“At the time that I connected with her, simple things used to feel like a burden. I’m trying to resolve some issues that trigger me both at my workplace and in my personal life. I’m trying to overcome them”

Apart from this, Yash and Puroitree have also been working on his relationship issues.

“I’m trying to resolve some communication issues such as how to express myself, how to set boundaries, etc.”

Yash is feeling much better now.

“I am definitely in a much better place with my depression. I have also become emotionally aware and don’t get easily triggered. Even if I do, I’m curious to understand why it happened so that I may work on it.”

He feels that he has received numerous important insights about himself which he’s using to get better. But the issue of connecting with others is still a work in progress.

Counseling has helped him come a long way

Yash feels that therapy has helped him get to where he is today and intends to stick to it.

Prior to therapy, I would try to be my own counselor. After I started counseling, I realised that this person can help me reach my goal in a much better way.

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Yash’s Warrior Tips:
1. Insights are very important and helpful
2. Never give up
3. Learn to understand yourself. The awareness will help you overcome your demons

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