10 Tips To Beat Depression

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IN BRIEF: Depression affects us all. This is a slimy factor not as big as CANCER or as small as a SNAP. However, it saps all energies we possess. Lets face it, we all go through this phase. Worry not, here are some tips to beat DEPRESSION.

Depression is more than sadness. It is when lack of interest and pleasure in daily activities is lost along with significant loss or gain in weight, change in sleep pattern, lack of energy, worthlessness, inability to concentrate, suicidal thoughts, excessive guilt etc.

Tips to beat depression

It is one of the most common disorders, fortunately, it can be cured. Here are some tips to keep depression in check and slowly get out of it:

  • Get a routine – Depression can cause helplessness along with negative thoughts trying to overpower. So setting a routine and making a schedule for daily activities can help you to not only work and finish of the tasks but will also keep you busy and away from worries.
  • Lifestyle changes – The best way to stay away from something is to change the lifestyle. There is a lot you can do to change it for example- join a hobby club, perform activities you like, eat healthy food and increase the intake of fruits, avoid or reduce alcohol and smoking.
  • Exercise – Exercise boost up the chemicals called Endorphins also known as feel-good chemicals. Exercise is beneficial for both long term and short term benefits for people dealing with depression. Start by taking a walk and feel the breeze or an aggressive work out in the gym, choose what suits you the best.
  • Relaxation techniques – Learn a relaxation technique and focus on your breathing, use it and practice it when you are feeling low. It will help your mind and body to relax and will give you better sleep as well.
  • Pick up a good book or watch a nice video – Try reading books which motivate you, inspire you and can help you to stay positive or just watch a nice, positive or a funny video which can change your current thought and mood.
  • Keep a record – Write a journal or a thought diary and make a note of your thoughts and feelings, try and identify what time of the day you were disturbed by negative thoughts as this will help you to identify the triggers and you can bring change in schedule for that time of the day.
  • Socialise – Meet your friends or family members or try meeting new people who have a positive attitude towards life, also observe how they deal with their issues. Try adopting optimism from them.
  • Challenge your thoughts – If you are battling with depression, it is a lot to do with the thoughts and more of mental work is required. When we are depressed we think only negatively about the situation, try using logic. For example – You might feel nobody loves me so, in this case, ask yourself for the proof and evidence for it. This will take time so start with small and simple thoughts.
  • Sleep well – Sometimes in the phase of depression, either we tend to sleep more than required or not get enough sleep at all. Set a target of 7-8 hours of sleep, if you are unable to wake up on time, ask someone to wake you up. If you are unable to sleep, try a workout, this puts the body to work and when you hit the bed, you will fall asleep easily. Push ups, cleaning the floor, cleaning your cupboard, a walk or a run, are such activities.
  • Seek professional help and be honest – Professional help will guide you systematically and will also give you space to vent and share your worries. It’s difficult to open up but if you are not honest, open therapy is less likely to be helpful. A therapist might ask you questions and will give you tasks which might sound strange but try to be open and give a chance to new approaches, it might really help you.

Depression can be cured, all you need to do is to have hope and the will to never give up. Remember you are not alone and you might feel that nothing can make you feel better but that’s a symptom of depression while patience will help you to see and feel the change. Give yourself and your life a chance to change.

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