Archita’s Journey From “Okay” To “Great”

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Archita’s Journey From “Okay” To “Great”

Archita, a software developer, first came across YourDOST when the company’s services were introduced at her organisation. It was in this manner that she was introduced to Amulya, a counselling psychologist with YourDOST. She was initially drawn towards these sessions as she wanted to work on achieving her goals. 

Some of these goals included better time management, sticking to a proper routine and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Sort of add a structure to my day.

She does mention that her lifestyle was a little haphazard earlier.

Sometimes you’re in a good mood, sometimes you just completely don’t feel like doing anything.

archita wanted to work on her routine

Amulya helped her create a framework in order to get things back on track. 

One of the techniques that she suggested was to think only about the next small thing that you should do. This not only helps elevate your mood but also makes you feel motivated.

Archita also started journaling which helped her connect with her emotions and thoughts.

archita started journaling

In a couple of weeks, Archita started seeing a change. She was able to create a structure around her day and started consuming better content.

I started consuming better content in the morning and doing things that make me feel good about myself. That made all the difference when it came to my mood.

Archita also says that there is nothing wrong with having a coach for yourself when you feel like you are stuck in a rut. 

Having a coach is obviously very useful. It makes you a better version of yourself and gives you a new perspective about life. It doesn’t always have to be a professional, it can be a friend, a teacher or a mentor.

We completely agree with Archita. Sometimes you just get caught in this tunnel vision where you’re not able to see outside of it. This is when you need someone to help you look at the problem from a different lens which pulls you out of that rabbit hole. 

When you’re talking to somebody else, you also feel more energized. That is also one of the things why we should always talk our problems out with someone we trust.

We salute Archita for her grit and courage. She has set a very positive example for the rest of us.

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Archita’s Warrior Tips:
1. There is nothing wrong with having a coach
2. A coach doesn’t always have to be a professional. It can be anyone who can guide you
3. Whenever you feel like you’re spiraling, think only about the next small thing that you can do

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