7 Simple Ways to Resolve Conflicts in Personal Lives

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Life is too short and none of us want to waste our little time fighting with our loved ones. But, it is normal that we often get in conflicts with the ones we love the most. We don’t go fighting with strangers walking around the street. Do we?


If you ask me, conflicts occur when a person’s thoughts do not match with others or have different opinions on a particular matter. It is not always necessary that conflicts happen in major discussions, but it normally occurs in casual and small matters.

Sara and Rehman were a newly married couple. Although, it was an arranged marriage they had accepted each other quite well. However, it was not easy for them to agree on each of other’s opinion. Every effort they made to understand each other better would end up in a conflict of thoughts.  Sara wanted to find a solution for this problem and here are some simple hacks I suggested:

7 Simple Ways to Resolve Conflicts in Personal Life:

1. Keep patience

Conflicts are very normal human instincts. Losing your cool over them will only worsen the situation. Keep yourself calm and focus on solving the differences. Remember: the person with whom you are fighting is your own self.

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2. Be brave enough to confront

Confront the issues, bring a solution and move on in the right spirit. Deal with the issues rather running away from it. Don’t hold back the negativity, it will only burden you. 

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3. Forgive and let go

It’s human to make mistakes. Learn to forgive rather than holding grudges against each other. Reacting to our anger, our mind stops functioning and we give up to our temper.

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4. Communication

Talking it out helps! Many misunderstandings are can come to an end through a proper and open discussion. 

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5. Self-introspection

Never blame, criticize or complain about your partner no matter what the problem is. Before you blame that person, keep a check on yourself. It completely depends on you, if you want to put an end to it or let it continue. Ask yourself how you went wrong and work on solving it. 

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6. Clear expectations

Don’t have many expectations from your partner, but try to understand what he or she expects from you.


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7. Adjust and understand

It is not practical that everyone will agree on each and every opinion you have. So learn to adjust and understand others’ perspective. It’s completely okay to have different opinions on different topics.

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Its been 6 months since Sara came to me with her problem and today, after following these simple hacks in her life, Sara is happy. Rehman and Sara have been with each other ever since and have learnt to be comfortable with each other’s opinions. More importantly they have learnt to accept each other’s differences. This makes them a happy couple.

It’s all in our mind and how we perceive a particular situation. It becomes important to put yourself in other person’s shoes before jumping to conclusions and this can not only avoid conflicts but also broaden your mindset. 


Swatilina Barik

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