The journey from stress to de-stress: A CEO's Guides

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Having to run a business is not a cake work. A lot of hard work, time, energy, brainstorming goes into sustaining it. The stress a CEO goes through is not as obvious as it sounds. Small day to day indications ranging from heavy breathing, sweating, mood swings, forgetfulness, agitation, fatigue, increased aggression to being indecisive are easily ignored. These, although might not seem harmful but looking it from a CEO’s perspective, who juggles between attending meeting, moving around, hosting events, managing n number of people under them, and getting the entire work done, can be quite a stressful task.

This increasing stress not only affect the body but can go to a level where their relationship – both professional and personal, quality of work, and mental health – can be at stake. Although some amount of stress is important as it increases the adrenaline rush but excess of anything is bad.

Although stress is a never ending process but what might work is taking breaks in the middle and what better way than traveling to help de-stress. But why travel? Because is helps break the stress cycle.

Here are few places that can help in this de-stressing process:

  • Meditation Retreat: With the increasing pressure we always have work on our mind, forgetting one’s own self.  A meditation retreat can thus help us get in touch with our mind, body and soul, shifting the focus from external elements to internal fulfillment. This journey of exploring oneself  can unwind the chaos in the head, letting oneself be comfortable with silence and experiencing calmness.
  • Spa Holiday: Since body is one of the major target areas of stress, a spa holiday can help relax the body. Massage works on releasing cortisol, a stress hormone, allowing the body to enter the relaxation zone. It works on detoxing the body and releases the muscle tension making one feel light (both mentally as well as physically).

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  • Resort:  An exotic resort away from the main city, laptops and files can give the mind a chance to think out of its limited self.  As environment plays an important role this shift can give rise to creativity and productivity.
  • Beach: What is more peaceful than sitting at an ocean shore with a cold drink and enjoying a hot sun bath! A happy, joyous atmosphere in itself can makes one feel relaxed.
  • Hill stations: Being around nature is one of the best ways to be close to one’s own self. The fresh oxygen flow in the body can increase the blood flow making the body feel light. And not to forget the ethnic culture and the untouched beauty.

Traveling in itself can be a great stress buster, all we need to do is take a step back and enjoy to be able to move forward and more productively.

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