Comedian Bharti Singh Is Breaking Stereotypes Of “The Perfect Woman”

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Women have always had to live up to the standards of the society. The society decides the norms of beauty. Bharti Singh is one woman who has gone beyond these norms. She is an inspiration to women across the world.

Bharti Singh, also known as the “Queen of comedy” has broken the most believed stereotype against women – that comedy is a platform owned by men only.

As a participant of Indian Laughter 4 Bharti became popular. She has been part of several popular shows like Comedy Circus, Comedy Nights Bachao. Her talent even led to her participation in the celebrity dance show Jhalak Dikhla Jaa.

While the society is always body shaming women who are “fat” Bharti has broken another stereotypical norm. In a recent TV advertisement she has portrayed herself to be “beautiful”; a compliment many women don’t get because of their weight.

Bharti hits a very important question we need to ask ourselves:

Aren’t overweight/fat people beautiful?

After being sportive enough to always accept names such as “moti, haathi, ladoo” Bharti has come a long way to accept her own beauty. Body image stereotyping has made several women have low self-esteem. You need to come up and accept yourself before anybody accepts you.

Bharti’s final few words in the advertisement say that she was always beautiful even though the society didn’t recognize it. Now that they do she’s glad that people have got a different and much pleasant approach towards her.

Watch the advertisement here:

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