A Walk of Life – Extraordinary Story of an Ordinary Individual

4 minutes

“If you want to make something a success, you have to put an effort day in and day out”


Yuvraj Human is just an ordinary individual with an extraordinary story that exemplifies hard work and sheer will. A resident of Nepal, Yuvraj and his family had to leave their hometown and shift base to Kolkata, India when they faced financial problems. But life at Kolkata was even tougher to be. Faced with even severe financial troubles, Yuvraj had to quit school and take up menial jobs to support his family when he was just 15! To make matters worse, Yuvraj developed a rare medical condition in which both his feet started rotting, and had no money to have that treated or even examined by a doctor.

This is the story of Yuvraj – a ordinary man who overcame all obstacles, worked hard to get his life together and became such an inspiration to us all. Based on his life story, his struggles, and his learnings, Yuvraj has also written a book called A Walk which is soon to hit stores. We wish him a great success.

We also had the opportunity to interact with Yuvraj as he took us through his life. Here’s what Yuvraj says:

Brief Interview excerpts:

[0:00-2:30] Faced with a lot of financial issues Yuvraj and his family, who were resident of Nepal, had to take a decisive stand if they should stay in Nepal or move to a different place. The family decided to move to Kolkata. Yuvraj was 15 then and was to write his 10th board exams. The family decided to move to their ancestral house in Kolkata and stay with some relatives. But soon the opinions, views and attitude of their relatives started changing towards them and they even told them to find a place of their own. But Yuvraj, who was born and brought up in Nepal find it hard to adjust to this new surrounding and started developing a condition in his feet and it started to rot.

[2:30-4:00] It was that time when Yuvraj’s father told him to start working as he was unable to support his education and the family needed the money. Yuvraj’s feet started becoming worse and he had to see a doctor and get that treated. But Yuvraj and his family could only arrange for enough cash to see a doctor. The doctor told that his feet were to be amputated as it were completely rotten and cannot be treated. This was a severe psychological blow to Yuvraj who didn’t know how he will manage his life and his family if his feet were amputated. Luckily, he managed to find a doctor in a Govt. hospital who prescribed medication which ran for a month and his feet started to improve.

[4:00-6:00] Yuvraj highlights an incident when he took up a job at a particular place 50 rupees per day and worked for 16 days. When he asked the owner to give him the money to get himself treated, the owner denied him the money and instead abused him. Though utterly depressed Yuvraj did not lose hope and took up jobs at other places.

[6:00-6:45] Yuvraj shares that although the time was really testing for him, later when he thinks about it he feels it has made him a stronger person and added a great depth to his character, and this is the message he gives to everyone: to continue to work hard.

[6:45-9:00] Yuvraj talks about his upcoming book A Walk. Yuvraj clarifies that the book is not just about him or his life but what he has learnt while going through these tough phases in life and what others can learn and take away from it.

“Whatever you put your hand’s on will not result into overnight success. You have to put day-in, day-out efforts trying to see through that you make it. But even if you don’t make it at the end of the day you have gained a lot of knowledge and experience which will enrich your own life, and that is wonderful.”

                        – Yuvraj Human

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