Are We Mature Enough To Watch Pornography? – The Indian Context

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Porno in greek stands for “prostitution” and Graphy stands for “to write or to record”.

While watching pornography, have we ever given a thought about what goes behind filming it.  We all sit at the dinner table with people who watch prostitution, how comfortable are we to sit with a prostitute? Statistics show that average life of porn stars is 50 yrs as compared to an average human lifespan of 75 yrs.

How close is it to the actual sexual relationship or intercourse with our partners? Few of the most popular category of porn videos are crime, rape, amateur, gang bang. Does it arouse curiosity into trying some of the unnatural poses? Is it a source of anger or a medium to vent out our frustration?


The Indian Context

India ranks at the 5th position when it comes to the most number of daily visitors to Pornhub. We spend an average 8 min 22 sec per session.
We’ve all been taught to respect our women, especially those who are close to us like our better halves and ‘bhabhis’. Ironically, the most popular searches by Indians on the website are Indian Wife and Indian Bhabhi. Here is the list of most popular search terms for various countries.
Given the recent ban of pornography by the government, there was a huge unrest in the Indian population. It might be a bit premature to take such a step to curb the liberty of individuals, but we do need to be mature to be able to control ourselves from the addiction and side effects.
Do you think we are mature enough to be given the liberty to watch pornography? Share your thoughts with us at #VoiceofIndia

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A. Sabu John is your special friend from YourDOST. He is currently pursuing his MPhil in Psychology from Christ University. With teaching and facilitation as his passion, he has experience working with different population as a psychotherapist and also facilitating modules on Sexuality and Addiction.