From Being Bullied in College to Now Practicing Psychology, Reema Has Truly Turned Her Weaknesses Into Strengths

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Introduction to Psychology through Morgan and King

Reema’s introduction to the field of psychology was simple. It began with a single book.

“When I was in school, one of my relatives suggested that I read Morgan and King’s Introduction to Psychology. It was 500 pages long, but I finished it in just a week. From then onwards, there was no going back.”

Armed with the knowledge and insights gained from this book, Reema decided to take up psychology as one of her subjects in college but never thought about pursuing it as a career.

I even received the highest marks in Psychology in my batch. But I still did not think of taking it up as my profession.

Reema, however, now works as a practising psychologist.

Why did she decide to take up this path, then? The answer lies in a deeply disturbing experience that she had from her college days.

“In my first and second year at college, I was bullied… I shifted from an all-girls school and jumping straight into a co-ed college and my time at college was difficult. I was a scared child, and being bullied took a toll on me”

Her college days, thus, became one of the toughest periods of her life. Reema began experiencing several emotional consequences in the coming days as well.

I was diagnosed with clinical depression when I was in college, and went to therapy to cope with it


But despite seeking help from a therapist, what truly helped Reema get better is her resilience and resourcefulness. As a psychology student, she began actively applying everything she learnt in her life.

“After a while, I stopped going to a professional therapist and began applying my personal therapy. This helped me heal, and I was finally able to get through those dark days of my life”

Once she got her strength back, she realized that she wanted to spend the rest of her life helping people find their own strength in their lives.

I truly believe that I made my vulnerability my strength. And this is what I tell my clients all the time too. I tell them that their issues do not define who they are and that they can get through the ups and downs of life by turning their weaknesses and vulnerabilities into their strengths

Her time at YourDOST has helped her achieve her dream of helping people find their inner strengths in their lives. She notes with satisfaction that the wide range of opportunities that she has got at YourDOST has helped her grow both personally and professionally.

“Before, I used to work in a hospital where I would come across people suffering from severe mental illnesses. But at YourDost, most of my clients approach me with day-to-day issues that affect them like not being able to speak up, self-esteem issues etc.. ”

“I was diagnosed with clinical depression when I was in college, and went to therapy to cope with it“There was one time when I was approached by a 98 – year – old man. That time, more than me helping him, I felt enlightened by his life and his perspectives.”

Her time at YourDOST, therefore, has been extremely fulfilling. She has been able to spend all her days pursuing her dream of helping people turn work on their issues and turn their lives around.

“There is one thing that I would like to tell all the people who approach me for help… Turn your vulnerabilities into your strengths. If I can do it, then anyone can.”

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