Why Seek Professional Help?

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Gen-next, 21st century youth, technology – a way of life, social media revolution, openness about sexual talks, popping relationships , acceptance and tolerance to everything because we are modern.

Unlike our parents and grandparents, we are not conservative and narrow minded. We understand that society is changing, world is shrinking and coming together, we stand for what is right, we don’t shy away from taking out a candle march to support victims of rape, violence and cruelty. We are just modern where we know that it’s ok to be and live the way one wishes to. Despite all this I am still seeking an answer to a question bothering me – why we are cool about live-in relations, pre-marital sex, homosexuality but consider it taboo to seek professional help for our dilemmas about our career, problems at home, psychological issues, or relationship trouble?

Source: www.frostburg.edu

Many youngsters tell me that why we consult a professional when we talk it out to our friends online, relatives, buddies, siblings, teachers or parents? Why should we do something where we are labelled as ‘mad or crazy’, who are not mentally stable and that’s why looking for professional help? We so here is the answer as to why one should contact an expert:

  • A professional is qualified and trained to understand you from a non-judgemental perspective.
  • A qualified individual is trained to listen to you without interrupting or giving you their perspective.
  • An expert from field has the skill and training to read between the lines of your existing problems and work out a best solution for your issue.
  • A professional works on the principle of confidentiality. It means that anything you would discuss would never be shared with anybody and this will give you a safe space to open up and share your issues.
  • A professional from the field come with clear boundaries and that keeps the process easy and omits any kind of emotional value, leading to no bias.
  • Friends and family are just not able to able to remain objective and hence end up with a bias.

Hence seeking a professional help is not a sign of weakness but an act of courage and maturity.


Namrta is your special friend from YourDOST Team. She has over 8+ years of experience as a clinical psychologist, currently working in Canada. Prior to moving to Canada, she was working as a psychologist for IIFT College Chandigarh.She has done her MSc Psychology from Punjabi University with specialisation in Clinical, Child Psychopathology & Counseling Psychology