It Is Never Too Late To Make It Happen

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Have we ever thought how and why is the generation of today so different from the Generation-X ?
Well some say its the extra gray cells, some blame the smothering and over protective parents, some the society and some talk about added liberalization. There are a very few who admit its the lack of realists. Yes we have a plenty of daydreamers who wait for idle life to happen to them, optimist who believe there is an ideal life meant for them, pessimist who believe there is no such thing like an ideal life but limited realist who believe ideal life doesn’t just happen but is made to happen
Such is a true story of a boy named Mayank who had just crossed his playful early 20s and is now feeling the gush of corporate beginnings.
Little he knew that it is a big bad world.
Post completing his graduation, he got hired by a software firm. The expectation of the firm was to first train the new joiners and get them in sync to the company’s ways. This training wasn’t meant to be easy. Mayank felt challenged and scared at the same time. The pressure to clear and make it through was hovering over his head and pre occupying his mind. Add on was, he was not the only one feeling intimidated, his roommate and new found friend Tarun was sailing in the same boat. Tarun belonged to a middle class family where he was responsible to bring in some financial aid so the pressure to perform and clear was more daunting to him than Mayank.
Mayank and Tarun studied, played and ate together which made their bond stronger and deeper. They managed to clear one level of training and could see the tougher and last level coming ahead. They knew it required a calmer mind and more hard work. Putting in hard work wasn’t the challenge but keeping calm was getting difficult, when they could see people with not enough grades getting laid off.
First company lay off and damaged market reputation was amongst the few fears taking toll over them.
Then came the toughest subject with highest failure record. Mayank and Tarun were working well to clear it, since failing this test will decide their stay with the company. The day of the the test saw tensed and worried faces. All they could imagine was the worst. Mayank and Tarun found the paper extraordinarily tough. After the results were declared Mayank and Tarun were told they didn’t make it through. The instant reaction was numbness followed by shock. They knew what was coming next. A pink slip, a notice to look for another job.
Tarun had weird ideas playing in his mind. The pressure made him think that this was the end of his world. He thought  how will he face the repercussions, how will he answer his parents and other associates, who will hire him again and what will happen to his family’s expectations. Mayank was going through the same extreme trauma but nobody thought that the extent to which Tarun was affected was fatal. Yes, fatal. Tarun succumbed to the pressure and ended his life by jumping off the roof of his building.
Mayank being his closest ally had to go through all the after effects. The pain of losing his friend was in excruciating and  informing his family and also see them suffer through the news and death of their young son was even more difficult. He was a part of his last rights and saw all the sufferings faced by his family and friends. Then he realized that ending once life is not the solution to any problem. Death affects less to the dead than the living.
One failure isn’t the end of the world instead it makes you strong for the other. Never wait for any calamity or tragedy to happen before you phanton the same. Failing one exam or facing one obstacle doesn’t close all the doors to success. Its just one opportunity lost but there will be many more to come. Mayank learned from Tarun’s pessimism and acted like a realist. He made life happen to him. He worked hard and secured his place in another firm. He now earns well and one failure sees no place in his otherwise successful career.


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