5 Simple Ways To Knock Out Stress

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Stress. One of the most commonly used words in our everyday vocabulary. It almost feels natural to say, “I’m so stressed!” or “This is stressing me out!” since every one of us experiences varying levels of stress at different points in our lives. If you’re not sure how stressed you are, check out the 7 signs that show you have way too much stress in your life.

A lot of us will be able to relate because 9 out of 10 Indians suffer from stress, according to a recent survey*. Sometimes situations are beyond our control, the factors that lead to stressful circumstances cannot be altered, or unpredictable events leave us stumped. There’s a lot we can’t control or predict, all we can do is manage the way we respond to a stressful situation or its after-effects.

*2018 Cigna 360° Well-Being Survey

That’s why we give you five of the most effective ways you can relax and knock stress out in no-time:


Change your seating position

Pay attention to your movement. Sitting for long hours is not helping you physically or mentally. Nor is slouching. Try to straighten your back, roll your shoulders a little, stretch your arms out. Make it a point to get up and spend some time away from your workstation. You could even go for a quick stroll; it’ll not only elevate your mood but also help you declutter your thoughts. 

Breathe slowly from your core

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, slow breathing improves cardiovascular and respiratory function and increases calmness and well-being. One can say, breathing slowly surely has some quick benefits. This is something you can do at any time, anywhere. A simple 4-3-4 technique repeated a few times a day in between work does the trick. What this means is, inhale for 4 counts, hold for 3 counts, and then release for 4 counts.


Read something enjoyable

You may think reading is effortful, but using your breaks to browse social media is a lot more taxing on your mind. Reading something awakens the creative parts of your brain, constructing a scene from the words. It also alleviates positive feelings through imagination. Be it an online webcomic, or a passage from your favorite novel; the idea is to distract yourself for a moment and replace stress with a smile or even a good laugh.

List 5 things going well in your life

We know, we know…when you’re stressed, it’s hard to focus on things that are going well for you. But just try it once. You’ll not only realize that things are not that bad, but also feel grateful and relieved for the other good things that are happening in your life. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or fluently written, it just has to hold some significance to you. Put it somewhere you can see it, so you’ll always be reminded, and don’t have to keep writing it over and over. 


Call a friend and have a quick chat

Just pick up the phone and give your best friends or people in your inner circle a call. Talk it out and feel the pressure slowly go away as you not only vent out but also reconnect with your friends on a whole new level. It doesn’t have to be an hour long, just five minutes does wonders. Relying on the important people in our life doesn’t make us weak, it acts as our source of strength. Their day would also go well because helping others boosts our mood two-fold. 

In the end, we need to cut ourselves some slack. We’re only human, and life can be hard sometimes. To the best of our capacities, we need to do what we can to make our lives easier. Different things work for different people, but you can’t go wrong with these tried and tested methods, or your own versions of them.  

These are just a few ways to help you knock stress out. If you’re looking for more such tips and tricks, connect with a YourDOST Expert today for personalized guidance. You can also join our program on de-stressing your life to help you lead a happier life.

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