[Rendezvous With Vasu Primlani]: On Child Sex Abuse, Guilt, and Depression

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A lot of women who have been raped in their childhood, and even in their adulthood, hold themselves responsible for what has happened to them. 

People’s attitude and outlook change towards the rape victims: some are shunned, some are beaten and tortured for this, but a large such population is outrightly blamed for allowing themselves to be raped.

Many of such victims dutifully hold and carry the guilt of being a bad person. They are unable to make eye contacts with others out of a belief that they don’t deserve to live, and for letting themselves and others down. Many of them succumb to serious depression and many even take the drastic step of ending their lives.

This, unfortunately, is how the story goes for many rape and sex abuse victims.  

But should rape victims really hold themselves responsible for what had happened to them and live a life filled with guilt and remorse?

We at YourDOST  had a chance to meet Vasu Primlani, an environmentalist, a stand-up comedian, and a rape survivor who shares her perspective on child sex abuse, rape and guilt. 

Richa singh

Richa is the Co-founder and Conceptualizer of YourDOST – an emotional wellness solution where users can anonymously seek support from psychologists and other trained individuals. Richa holds a bachelor's degree from IIT Guwahati. Before YourDOST, she worked in the areas of product management, and user experience design.