Finding Peace Amidst Chaos: Kevin’s Journey to Overcoming Stress and Embracing Self-Discovery with YourDOST

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The bustling city is known for its skyscrapers, Mumbai where the pace of life has its trajectory. Being a true Mumbaikar at heart, Kevin spent most of his life in the chaotic metropolis. His early years had a touch of international flair, thanks to a stint in the gulf during his schooling days. 

Kevin’s story offers a poignant reminder that we can find peace and solace amid chaos. 

Kevin is 31 years old and is a key accounts manager at Let’s Transport.  He has an immense interest in music and loves to try his luck out on playing some instruments such as the keyboard and guitar. He idolises Messi and has a great interest in football games. 

Kevin grew up in a close-knit family but as the time came to step out to chase his dreams, he flew out from the nest. All the members of the family were close to one another. The only disruption in their togetherness occurred due to work or educational commitments. 

“All my family members are very close to one another. We share a beautiful bond. The love and respect is mutual. Having a family is always like another support strength in your life.” 

“Stress is simply the adaptation of our bodies and minds to change.” – Peter G. Hanson, M.D.

Stress at work can be thorny in day-to-day life. Stress isn’t always bad. Sometimes a bit of stress can also help you stay focused and perform energetically. It’s something that keeps you on your toes and activates your alertness. 

Stress had crept into Kevin’s life, a hint of bad stress at work silently began creating havoc. It began affecting him on numerous fronts. As his stress levels rose, his personal and professional life began to suffer. Even his most intimate relationship was affected by the unrelenting stress he was enduring.

A growing sense of helplessness engulfed him as he struggled to comprehend the source of his mounting frustrations and diminishing well-being. Entangled with stressful and helpless situations, Kevin’s attempt to come through was in vain. 

Several emotions came into play that made it even more difficult for Kevin. 

“All of the haywire situation started affecting me from all the front. My sexual, mental and physical health took a hit. I felt helpless and frustration engulfed me.”

Kevin’s organisation was committed to addressing mental health awareness and joined forces with YourDOST to provide a safe and supportive space for those in need of emotional support.

Kevin had connected with Ms. Ishita Attri to share his problem and learn new insights about it. 

“After connecting with the Ms. Ishita, a glimmer of hope flickered to life. Through her tenacious spirit and unwavering support, I began to climb out of the pit of anxiety that had troubled me.”

Ms Ishita being an expert had a few tricks up her sleeves, so she suggested some to Kevin to attain into his daily practice. 

Breathing techniques helped him to calm his emotions down when at the spike. Journaling helped him understand his true thoughts and feelings. These helped him understand where he lacked and where there was room for improvement. Sexual wellness exercises helped him improve his sexual health.  

“Ms. Ishita’s impact on my life has been profound and unforgettable. Her patience and non-judgmental approach allowed me to open up and explore my innermost thoughts and feelings, providing much-needed solace and support during trying times. I wish to thank her for everything.” 

Kevin had come a long way from being at the bottom to making gradual progress upwards.

“I was more relaxed and had learned to manage my stress better. It became my daily routine to feel positive and do better as each day progressed.” 

Conquering over all his worries, Kevin had never felt better with this new approach in life. He began with the second innings of his life, where confidence and patience became his best friends. 

Kevin rates himself a solid 4 out of 5 in terms of getting better and feels proud to have come this far with his constant dedication and efforts.

Kevin’s Warrior Tips:
1. “It’s important to delve deeper into self-awareness and comprehend one’s current state of life.”
2.“I would always recommend letting out those deep-rooted emotions with somebody be it your counselor, partner or supportive family members.”
3.“It’s good to share and express openly as it is vital to maintaining emotional stability, keeping negative emotions pent up is like shaking a soda bottle – eventually, it will explode, and the result won’t be pretty.”

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