Saptarshi Learns to Manage Workplace Stress Through Therapy

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Saptarshi Bids Adieu to Workplace Stress Through Therapy

Despite being on an emotional rollercoaster, Saptarshi Roychouwdhry has now had his life quite figured out. This 30-something Operations Manager currently works at AngleOne, with a die-hard passion for football, music, and all things good!

Born and raised in Kolkata, Saptarshi was leading quite a hassle-free life, until the pandemic tested him through the toughest of times.

“In 2018, but after the pandemic and some other issues, the connection got lost. I wasn’t ready to handle the separation but I knew I could not force her either.”

An abrupt end to a beautiful relationship broke Saptarshi from the core. Trying out different methods to distract himself, unfortunately, didn’t work in his favour. Though he found the situation to be ‘normal’ after some time, deep down, he knew it was difficult to go through.

Fast-forwarding a year later, Sapratshi volunteered to be a part of a new project initiated in his company, hoping to find an alternative to old habits.

An abrupt end to a beautiful relationship broke Saptarshi from the core.

“The new manager and team members were not supportive at all. It was a heavily toxic environment. As a remote worker, it was getting tougher for me to handle things.”

Let’s face it. Workplace stress is real, and as much as one tries to run away, it finds another way to creep up. Though it was Sapratshi’s decision to be a part of the new project, he was barely managing the stress it brought together.

Working hours, managerial behaviour, inappropriate language – Everything was getting on Sapratshi’s nerves. Such a toxic environment pilled up with his previous issue of a rough breakup.

“Slowly, everything began to erupt. I lost my sleep, my food habits went awry and I even stopped talking to my friends.”

Stress and anxiety became Saptarshi’s pals. He began to self-doubt and question his every move. “Am I doing the right things?” was the question Saptarshi often asked himself.

Saptarshi’s new work demanded a hefty amount of client calls/ interactions. By that point, the situation had gotten worse for Saptrashi and so, whenever his phone rang, he felt nothing but anxious. He even started neglecting friends and family members’ phone calls.

Saptarshi tried talking with a friend, to find a solution to his stress. But, alas, he didn’t see any ray of hope there.

Recalling his tipping point, Saptarshi mentions how at one midnight, his manager called him up. Shouting, blaming and not caring about his emotions; Saptarshi’s manager ruthlessly displayed anger on him. At that moment, Saptarshi even decided to put his paper down and put an end to this endless series of stress. However, after an hour-long session of crying, he called himself down and decided to not take any hasty decision.

“Luckily, I saw a mail from YourDOST while I was randomly browsing through my inbox. At that moment, counseling seemed like the right thing to do and so I went to the platform and started to chat with an Expert.”

Saptarshi had no one to go to, no one to share his feelings with – He was still adamant to find answers and hence began his counseling journey.

For Saptarshi, opening up in front of a counselor was a cup of tea, as he was happy thinking someone is there for him! Saptarshi fears others’ judgements, so the non-judgemental behaviour from YourDOST counselors gave him a sigh of relief. He initiated his sessions via chat options and then moved to audio sessions.

For Saptarshi, opening up in front of a counselor was a cup of tea, as he was happy thinking someone is there for him!

“My counselors were flawless. They were patient, comforting, and guided me. They allowed me to speak my heart out and even gave liberty to shout at them whenever I felt triggered!”

Saptarshi had finally come home! Counselors’ approachability made him trust the process. As the sessions went by, Saptarshi saw an immense turn-around with his food habits and concentration. His stress levels were decreasing too.

Though Saptarshi still faces some struggles with sleep, he is on the Cloud-9 to genuinely feel positive from within. Even if he received any negativity on his plate, Saptarshi now knows how to take care of them without feeling anxious.

“As suggested by my counselors, I now start my day with a 5-minute meditation. I do not check emails before initiating the work. This little space makes me feel free of stress.”

From being an underconfident young chap to a confident, much happier man – Saptarshi rates his improvement through therapy a solid 4.5 stars on 5.

Saptarshi feels like his counselors pulled him out of rock bottom. But, we at YourDOST, feels it’s the sheer determination and will that Saptarshi showed in himself that truly pulled him out of the sinkhole and made him the better person that he is today!

Saptarshi’s Warrior Tips:
1. I urge everyone to go for counseling at least twice a year even; if you mightn’t suffer from something. It will help you unload your feelings and make you more self aware.
2. We might feel alone in this journey. Though, even if a partner/ family isn’t present with you, YourDOST will always be.
3. Counselors will not judge you. How you get yourself treated for a common cold, seek counseling with an open mind too.

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