How Binay Coped With the Loss of His Brother During COVID-19

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This Is How Binay Coped With the Loss of His Brother.

“You can’t truly heal from a loss until you allow yourself to feel the loss.” – Mandy Hale.

The greatest reductions in mortality during this early lockdown period were observed among men aged 20–29 years, with 58% (54–62) fewer deaths than expected from pre-pandemic trends. 

31-years-old Binay experienced a similar scenario. Currently working as a Senior Engineer in Qapitol QA, this individual has a vibrant personality with a zeal to understand everything he encounters. 

“I have a total of 7 years experience in the IT sector. I have worked as an Automation Engineer followed by a Development and Testing Engineer.”

Binay was born and raised in Cuttack, Orissa. Growing up, Binay has always been inclined to mythological books owing to him being an avid reader. Binay is also interested in electrical knowledge. This people’s person has a heart the size of an ocean as he loves helping people around him. But as the pandemic hit the nation, Binay’s life had turned upside down.

“I had a fever during the pandemic and my whole family was affected too. But what shredded me into pieces was the loss of my brother during Covid-19.”

Binay was so affected that he was unable to continue his job.

Binay was so affected that he was unable to continue his job. As his days passed with agony and grief, he realised that he couldn’t even concentrate a single minute on his work. Surrounded by anguish, Binay was overwhelmed about his overall situation. Coming to his situation, Binay was in such a position where he had to support his family. But this led him to worry about his job.

“I was in desperate need of leave, but that also meant that I had to compromise on my pay. That was the point where I realised that I’m not alone.”

Binay had a conversation with the owner of the company. Luckily, Binay was astounded when his company owner decided to support him rather than be unsupportive. In fact, he was allowed leave without a cut in pay. Also, the loss of a loved one wasn’t an easy test to pass. Binay was going through a very serious tough time that couldn’t be put in words.

“That time, our company was associated with YourDOST. One of my team members scheduled an appointment for me with YourDOST for counseling.”  

Meanwhile, Binay’s late brother’s company was playing their own part in supporting their family.

Meanwhile, Binay’s late brother’s company was playing their own part in supporting their family. Not only did they pay the medical bills, but also sanitized Binay’s house completely to ensure the safety of the other members of the family. Binay on the other hand started his counseling journey. 

Initially, Binay was quite sceptical about the idea of counseling, Nonetheless, the second session turned out to be promising for Binay. As the counseling sessions proceeded, Binay found a safe space to vent out all the suppressed emotions within. Binay was suggested to avoid sleeping in a single room as that could trigger his depressing thoughts. He was also advised to take good care of his health as well as his family. 

As Binay’s counselor rightly said, “if we neglect, we lose”, Binay truly understood its meaning by the end of his sessions. We, at YourDOST, feel immensely proud of Binay to see his courage and grandeur. Binay is truly an inspiration to many out there! 

Binay’s Warrior Tips:
1. If we neglect, we lose. Taking care of our loved ones as well as our own health should be a priority.
2. True strength comes from within. Also, if you do good to society, God will help you.

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