Unemployment Couldn’t Make Khube Surrender to Sadness

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Unemployment Didn’t Let Khube Surrender to Sadness

Being unemployed is the true test of who you really are. – ERNIE J. ZELINSKI

Research showed that due to COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, there had been a devastating effect on the unemployment rate in India as most of the private companies have fired their employees. By January 2021, India saw an unemployment rate of over six percent. Born and raised in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, Khube is a person who works hard to keep up to everyone’s expectations along with making a life for himself. 26-year-old Khube is currently working as a Software Engineer since he completed his graduation in Computer Science. Khube belongs to a nuclear family. Most of his free time is devoted to book reading, watching movies, cricket and video games. More so, Khube enjoys cooking and listening to music too. 

“By the onset of the pandemic, I had to face a sudden unemployment that turned my world upside down.”

The pandemic brought a lot of difficulties for many people to function well due to the economic drift. As far as Khube’s situation was concerned, his unemployment was a result of the same reason. But this could be understood by him and not easily understood by the people around him. Being a guy at this age and belonging to such a location, Khube was constantly poked by his family as well as people living in and around him. Khube was naturally expected to bring income to the family. 

“I couldn’t share my problems with anyone. But the constant taunting kept bothering me and eventually started affecting my mental health adversely.”

Khube went ahead to apply for another job where he got placed.

Soon, Khube went ahead to apply for another job where he got placed. But unfortunately, Khube lost his job all over again this time due to some health issues that he was suffering from. Moreover, Khube had also started witnessing issues regarding his communication skills as he had merely anyone to interact with professionally. 

Khube’s world came crashing down and he was surrounded by an endless flow of negative thoughts. These negative thoughts began to compromise with his sleep schedule. Not only was he having an irregularity in sleeping, but soon it started hitting upon his appetite too. Eventually, Khube started working again, but the amount of mental strain he went through wasn’t going anywhere!

“I decided to seek counseling as I urgently needed an outlet to express the amount of agony I was going through.”

Khube’s current company is associated with YourDOST, through which he came in touch with his counselor to move past his trauma. However, Khube wasn’t sure how effective counseling would be as he knew that his communication skills were already at stake. He was also sceptical about the process of counseling. Moreover, Khube took this opportunity to build up his communication skills and improvise on himself. 

“I decided to connect to my counselor through chats and I later moved to audio calls as I got comfortable. After thorough introspection, she suggested me some techniques to work on myself.”

Khube was advised to start with meditation and then go ahead with some exercises for breath regulation.

Khube was advised to start with meditation and then go ahead with some exercises for breath regulation. Khube was also suggested to inculcate his hobbies in his routine so that his personality would grow further. The best part was the suggestion of introducing reading as a habit. Khube started to enjoy reading as he felt that through reading, one can learn a lot of things. 

As a result of these vigorous exercises, Khube’s appetite returned to a regulated form and by then, he was also running on a regular basis. 

“My counselor was very understanding and empathetic towards my problems. I could share anything and everything with her. I felt a different level of comfort with her.”

Khube was a person who left his comfort zone to deal with issues occurring from unemployment to resolving problems related to self-improvement. In a fun-rapid fire round, Khube described his counseling journey with one word – “improvement”. Khube also rated his overall progress through counseling with a 5 out of 5. We, at YourDOST, feel immensely joyous of his progress and courage.

Khube’s Warrior Tips:
1. If one has issues, it’s better to share. If you can’t share in front of anyone, try talking in front of the mirror at least.
2. The best solution one can give you for your problems is yourself. No one can help you overcome your problems better than yourself.

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