“Broken Marriage; Not Broken Mindset” – Story of Parth

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“I believe in myself. But the void left in me forced me to have a lazy and alcoholic lifestyle.”

Thirty year old Parth was shattered and heartbroken, after his long run relationship unexpectedly came to an end. Always enthusiastic about life and pursuing his dreams, Parth was suddenly left all alone after his then-girlfriend broke off the marriage. The worst part about the calamity was not just the betrayal, but also the unknown emotions Parth had been feeling.

“Before 25 days of our wedding, she broke it off. I started drinking alcohol to just forget about everything that has happened and move on in my life.”

Working at a software company, Parth used to live a very calm life. Though he has grown himself amidst all the hurdles in life, Parth calls himself very emotional and hence the pain of broken marriage was affecting him more than what he could have led on.

Parth drowned himself in the pool of sorrow and grief, but soon he was able to get out of it, with the help of his supportive friends. But days weren’t always sunny in Parth’s life. He soon realised his dependency on alcohol and felt that his productivity at work was declining and he needed help.

Parth's ex-girlfriend broke the marriage off, but not his willpower and sheer determination to be the best version of himself.

“I never thought of counseling or reaching out to a professional. But once I realised it’s more like talking to an unbiased and non-judgemental friend, I got intrigued.”

With an open mind and heavy heart, Parth actively started looking for a  counselor. His search was over when he received an email from YourDOST, his company’s emotional wellness partner stating the services from YourDOST about free counseling sessions. Parth grabbed this opportunity and thought to himself, “I should give it a try! What’s the harm there?”

Right after the first counseling session, Parth was able to see drastic changes in his substance abuse habits and was astonished to understand why he had been dependent on certain things in life. As the sessions progressed, Parth’s counselor advised him to watch a few motivational videos on YouTube and engage himself in activities he likes. Parth loves to contribute to the field of music, so this exercise was very relieving for him!

“My counselor never judged me, unlike a few of my friends who were very reluctant. But, I was very happy with how it was going. My drinking was reduced, my temporary mental state of sorrow was also declining.”

Parth was using logic now, rather than surrendering to his emotions, and this helped him deeply in order to move on.

Parth was using logic now, rather than surrendering to his emotions, and this helped him deeply in order to move on. Now, he recalls his experience with his ex-girlfriend as “Just a memory of a friend I met.” 

Parth is very happy and empowered with the help of counseling and he couldn’t be more proud of himself! He calls the entire counseling experience ‘Awesome’ and we couldn’t agree more! He wishes to eradicate the stigma around mental health in the current world, and urges people to speak up rather than sink in!

On a scale of 1 to 5, Parth rates his improvement a 3.5, as he believes there’s a;ways a room for improvement and surely, we at YourDOST, applaud him for his honesty and dedication to be a better version of himself!

Parth’s Warrior Tips:
1. People should be more open minded.
2. As a society, we should understand that people who need help are not necessarily mentally challenged. We are going into mayhem because of such mentality in the society. We need to start changing from an individual level and family level first.
3. Our minds and thoughts can be altered, just so it can be changed for better.


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