“Saying No to Dreading Deadlines” – Bharat’s New Outlook Towards Life

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“Saying No to Dreading Deadlines!” - Bharat’s New Outlook Towards Life

Most of us have often said or heard, “I’m damn sure I will blabber in the meeting today” or “I am worried if the client will like my design or not” someday or the other. Moreover, we feel it’s okay to be worried, right? But what happens when the feeling of negativity just doesn’t go away? What happens when you constantly feel worried about the outcome of every action you take? 

Something similar to this kept happening with twenty-four-year-old Bharat, who works as a data analyst. For an avid reader like Bharat, it was not an easy task to not ‘overthink.’ Bharat previously worked in a different organization, where he started encountering negativity around him. This negativity was disguised as small failures, expecting the worst, and miscommunication among team members.

“I was sitting at home during the pandemic, and so there was a huge gap in communication among each other in the team.”

After some minor setbacks at his workplace, Bharat started developing anticipation anxiety.

Anticipatory anxiety is where a person experiences increased anxiety levels by thinking about an event or situation in the future.

Bharat had started thinking of the worst about any work he gets his hands on.

Bharat had started thinking of the worst about any work he gets his hands on. The lack of communication and virtual peers took a toll on him, and he started doubting his abilities. When asked about one tipping point when Bharat couldn’t take it anymore, he replied, 

“After working hard on a project for two weeks, a new person from the client team came forward and asked me to make changes in the next two hours. Unfortunately, no one listened to me at that time, and I began to worry about my future.”

Bharat was brave enough not to bottle his emotions; instead, he decided to narrate the incident to his friends and family, but, unfortunately, they could not help him in a prolonged way. This is when Bharat decided to reach out to a counsellor, and since YourDOST was his organisation’s wellness partner, he did not have to wait any longer!

Bharat contacted YourDOST to rech out to an expert and sort his life out.

Bharat was excited to begin his process of healing with YourDOST. Like many of us, Bharat also used to think that counseling is only for people who are ‘mad’ and the constant notion of “what would people say?” – but, around this time, Bharat was ready to put all behind and give  counseling a chance!

Bharat started his sessions by connecting with an expert, and he had a feeling of relaxation as he was finally being heard. Bharat felt the huge change in himself around the time the second counseling session took place.

“The imbalance I felt in the group harmony at my workplace was finally getting sorted in my mind with the help of my counselor.”

Bharat’s counsellor started the session by understanding Bharat first and making him aware of his abilities and personality; she advised him to take the Aptitude Test.

“I feel grateful to be able to take the aptitude test because now I know how I would react to certain situations and how I can avoid getting negative thoughts.”

Bharat's counselor also acknowledged Bharat’s issues by giving supportive guidance and ‘leading by own example’!

Adding to that, the counselor also acknowledged Bharat’s issues by giving supportive guidance and ‘leading by own example’! Bharat was fond of such motivation given to him and even now, whenever he feels sad or overwhelmed, he goes back to recalling the sessions and guidance.

“My counsellor used to nudge me with suggestions, and I too would follow them. Soon after, I began to see drastic changes in my ways of thinking and acting to rather unpleasant events.”

Bharat had finally learnt how to acknowledge every emotion he felt and learnt how to step out of his comfort zone. Bharat recalls one of his incidents as a kid who would be afraid to go up on the stage and perform, but as he grew older, the fear faded away. He feels the same now as well about his professional life. An ambivert by nature, Bharat is very happy with the counseling process and the results that followed. He even vowed to recommend YourDOST to everyone!

In a rapid-fire with YourDOST, Bharat rates his improvement from therapy a strong 3.5 out of 5 and calls it a ‘fabulous’ experience! 

Kudos to you, Bharat, for being so honest about your vulnerabilities and ‘never quitting’ attitude!

Bharat’s Warrior Tips:
1. We all need to talk openly about mental health in society.
2. Even if you feel that your issue is not as big as others, don’t hesitate to reach out and be a better version of yourself!

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