Heal Yourself From Grief Through Counselling

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Anu's story of overcoming grief

“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” ~ Havelock Ellis

Not only did Covid-19 Pandemic disrupt our lives and physical health, it also deeply affected our mental and overall emotional well-being. Many of us were victims of this deadly virus and have recovered well. But not all of the victims got their lives back. It is really difficult to see our beloved suffering, more so, having to feel their absence. 20 year old Anu shares her story on how she overcame her personal grief. Anu is doing her Majors in Psychology in KREA university. Anu has been exposed to counselling sessions from a young age and so it was not difficult for her to reach out to professionals for their guidance. 

I found it hard to not think about her. She was my very close friend.

Anu had to let go of one of her closest friends to the deadly virus. This incident took a toll on Anu’s mental health and she was going through hard times. Anu could not seek help from her counsellor due to lockdown, and hence she decided to reach out to YourDOST for the benefit of online counselling, through her institution resources. Anu was feeling sad and heart broken, as her nineteen year old relationship with a friend was just over and she started feeling overwhelmed with the constant updates on the increasing severity of the pandemic. Due to this, Anu was falling behind her academics and was unable to maintain a stable relationship with her family and friends.

Anu got in touch with YourDOST expert, Ms. Indira and started her sessions. Indira focused on making Anu be a self healer by advising her to do regular self introspection.

“My counsellor helped me go through the grief. I don’t think I could have done this by myself.”

Anu got in touch with YourDOST expert, Ms. Indira and started her sessions. Indira focused on making Anu be a self healer by advising her to do regular self introspection. Indira was very patient and listened to Anu’s story of grief to identify her trigger points. Indira helped her to view her issues with a different perspective so that Anu can overcome her pain. Anu realised that she was facing survivor’s guilt (Survivors guilt is a kind of guilt that develops in people who have survived a life-threatening situation. Some survivors feel guilty that they survived when others died.) and that was mainly affecting her mental state.

I did not think I could open up to someone. Especially someone I didn’t know but she listened to me without any judgement.

Indira helped her to cherish her memories with her friend and guided her to move on without feeling guilty. Anu slowly began to feel better through the healing process and was in a better place than earlier. She felt more courageous and was able to accept her friend’s passing away and soon she started feeling more strong.

Today, Anu is a strong lady, with a brave heart!

Today, Anu is a strong lady, with a brave heart and she is extremely grateful to Indira for helping her through this pain and for patiently listening to her. Indira never sugar coated during the session and this helped Anu realise that pain can hurt but she can always heal from it.

There is nothing without communication and there’s only so much that your heart can take and when your heart gives out you should let it give out. Talking to a psychologist or a counsellor where you can speak without filters.

When you talk to a counsellor you don’t have to feel that you can’t talk about anything. You can always talk to them without any filter and you just have to be yourself. They will help you open up your heart better and counselling is a type of healing process so just embrace it. 

Anu’s Warrior Tips:
1. You may take a while to heal but believe that you will heal eventually.
2. You can always open up your heart to your counsellor.

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