Is It Possible to Accpet Yourself for Who You Are? Yes, and Vaibhav Did It

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This design student was full of self-doubt until he wasn't

“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.”

– Eckhart Toole

Vaibhav Sharma, 22, first approached YourDOST in September, 2019. A design student at Avantika University, Ujjain, he was in his 3rd year and was tremendously lonely. For 2 years he had been facing interpersonal difficulties with his peers.

People used to talk about me behind my back. No one was even willing to work with me on projects.

If you’re familiar with design school curriculum, you’ll know that projects are what make up the coursework and count towards final grades.

Apart from feeling lonely, Vaibhav also felt a drop in his self-confidence and self-esteem, and was full of self-doubt. It was while battling all these demons that he decided to give therapy a shot. He connected with YourDOST Expert, Ms. Ayushi Mishra.

He felt tremendously lonely

From the get go, it was clear that Vaibhav carried a burden of self-doubt. Over follow up sessions, Using a technique called Socratic Questioning, she helped Vaibhav uncover the assumptions and evidence that were the root cause of his negative thoughts.

Vaibhav became more aware of all the cognitive distortions his mind was giving into. He started to understand himself more. He started feeling more comfortable with being himself.
The results only boosted his confidence further.

I was far more confident with being myself and started to open up to people. Even my inputs start getting their due importance in group discussions.

He started noticing what was wrong with his thoughts about himself

It’s so interesting when he tells you that he wasn’t even sure about seeking therapy.

“Ayushi was my first therapist. I had no experience of counseling or therapy before this. I was so nervous about it, like how will it go and other things. But it all went very well”

Therapy proved to be a step in the right direction for Vaibhav to emerge a better version of himself.

Seriously, you should just give therapy a shot. Many times, we ourselves have the answers but are not able to see them. Therapy will help you see.

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Vaibhav’s Warrior Tips:
1. Accept yourself. Be proud of yourself.
2. You already have most of the answers. You just need to look.
3. Therapy is really effective.

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