Anxiety Didn’t Stand a Chance of Tormenting Her Once Sreeja Started Practicing Yoga-Nidra

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Sreeja Nath is only 25 years old and at this young age, she has achieved more than any of us could ever imagine. She has completed her BSc in Chemistry, BTech in Polymer Science from Calcutta University and is currently pursuing her MTech degree from IIT BHU.

She connects with us over the phone from her hometown in Kolkata. She has been living at home ever since the lockdown was imposed and has been diligently attending her classes online.

Before starting her MTech, she used to work with a company in Gujarat but left the job within 6 months.

During my time there, I started experiencing massive anxiety attacks and could not cope with the work culture.

This is when she decided to quit and apply for an MTech program at one of India’s most prestigious universities. Although she experienced her first full-blown anxiety attack at her workplace, she had started struggling with anxiety during her first year of college while pursuing her B.Tech. A major reason for this was the course that she was enrolled in.

“Getting into a BTech programme at Calcutta University wasn’t easy and the pressure was starting to build up.”

warriorstory-blog-SreejaNath-1During the same year, Sreeja found it difficult to concentrate on her studies. It all became too much for her to handle. She was supposed to sit for her first-year semester examinations but completely blanked out when she saw the paper. She was also battling insomnia and would feel tired all the time. She was always worried about her future and the things that she was supposed to be doing.

It wasn’t long before she got into IIT BHU to pursue her MTech. She immediately reached out to YourDOST and connected with Ms Sudipta Basu.

“I loved how she was an amazing listener. She gave me some really valuable exercises to work with which were highly solution-oriented.”

Sreeja elaborates on how Ms. Sudipta would give her small tasks to work on instead of overloading her with too much information. They would take things one day at a time. She was asked to do a deep breathing exercise if she ever felt anxious. The expert also asked her to take out some time for herself during the day to just sit back and relax.


Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra – a form of guided meditation, have literally transformed Sreeja’s life. She has been practising the same for months now. She has also been on medication to manage her anxiety for almost five years. But she believes that she has made massive progress in that area as well.

“When I began my medication, the dosage was very high but with the help of counselling and other lifestyle changes, it has reduced significantly.”

Sreeja considers herself luckier than most because she has a very strong support system. Her mom knows about her situation and is very understanding. A couple of her close friends who know about her condition have been her rock.

People tend to have so much stigma towards seeking support for their mental health. Sreeja doesn’t understand why.

Just like you would go to a doctor for a physical ailment, you should also seek professional help if you’re struggling with your mental health. I realised that I was not doing well and I decided to consult a doctor for it. It is as simple as that.

Sreeja has decided not to hide her truth. In fact, she wants her story to reach as many people as possible so that it can encourage them to seek support and not suffer in silence.

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Sreeja’s Warrior Tips:
1. The power of meditation is undeniable
2. Develop your support system that’s there for you when the going gets tough
3. Seek professional for the sake of your mental health

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