From Cracking The JEE to Finding Her Very Own ‘Family’, Hannah has been Proving Others Wrong All Her Life!

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From cracking the JEE to finding her very own ‘family’, Hannah has been proving others wrong all her life

Meet Hannah. An enthusiastic and bubbly member of the YourDOST team, you will find Hannah leading the banter in our office games and celebrations. With a highly positive and “You can do it” attitude, Hannah has been proudly conquering her way through life.

Once I finished my Bachelors, everyone asked me if I was going to be a teacher. It was as if they thought that this was the only path for people who do Bachelors in English!

Despite the fact that Hannah had originally planned to go down the path of teaching, she was driven to do something different by the opinions of people around her. She was determined to showcase her talent and merit to the world. She therefore set upon the path of cracking the JEE, which, as we all know, is one of the toughest Engineering exams in India.

“I cracked the JEE only for the sake of it,” she says with a wry expression on her face. “I didn’t get into an Engineering course or anything after that, of course, because it was never my passion. I just wanted to prove to people that I could do it if I wanted to.”

From cracking the JEE to finding her very own ‘family’, Hannah has been proving others wrong all her life

Having proven to herself and to others that she was more than capable of achieving pretty much anything she sets her mind to, Hannah then set about exploring what she actually wanted to do in life. She began by dipping her toes into the world of content writing, marketing, and even sales, before attaining an MBA and joining the YourDOST team.

As one can see, Hannah’s rebellious attitude has been getting her places all her life. At YourDOST, however, she channels this into her work, which she finds to be extremely fulfilling.

My role at work encompasses a lot of responsibilities, starting from writing newsletters to even arranging webinars on the importance of mental health. I love the diversity of my work, and the fact that I get to learn and grow everyday is wonderful. And the people I work with are amazing too!

Hannah’s team at YourDOST always works as an extremely close-knit group. Hannah truly believes that her colleagues are the ones she can always rely on, through thick and thin.

“I know they’ll always have my back,” she says. “And we have so much fun as a team!”

From cracking the JEE to finding her very own ‘family’, Hannah has been proving others wrong all her life

Even though there are times when she experiences setbacks, either in her personal or her professional life, Hannah feels that the connections she has made at YourDOST have been helping her get through it all.

There was a time a couple of months ago when I felt some suicidal tendencies. I don’t really know why I felt like that, but I decided to approach an Expert at YourDOST.

Upon speaking with her Expert, Hannah says she felt much better, in merely a session. This experience not only helped her personally, but it also served to reinforce her belief that working in the mental health space was deeply meaningful and fulfilling. It finally hit her – that by working in the mental health field, she was making an immense amount of impact in people’s lives.

And one of the best perks of working in this field, according to her, are the daily conversations around mental health.

“Working in the mental health space, you always know that you can openly tell your boss that you need a day off to take care of your own mental health,” she says. “You know that they will not judge you, and that they’ll understand! Because of that, I feel like I have a safety net here, which makes working here all the more meaningful.”

From cracking the JEE to finding her very own ‘family’, Hannah has been proving others wrong all her life

With an enthusiastic spirit that has proven difficult to be tamed, Hannah has navigated her way through several walks of life, to a place which she can finally call her home.

“You know, it doesn’t really matter if I have problems back home, or if I feel distant from my family. I have found some people here who are close to family. In fact, they ARE my family… and that’s an amazing feeling.”

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