5 Things to Start Doing Right Now To Achieve Work-Life Balance

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Achieving work-life balance is quite a task for so many of us. No matter how hard one tries, there’s always more and more work to be done, and less & less time for life outside of work. Plus, with the current scenario of companies laying-off employees in hordes, the very idea of taking off from work for sometime sounds unthinkable. So how can you go about achieving that elusive work-life balance? We’ll just uncover it that shortly.

Set boundaries at work

Set boundaries

Communicate clearly with your superiors about your work hours, and your availability outside of work. That means, the number of calls you’ll take, how much time you get to respond to any “URGENT” work-related mails because technology though has made work-life a little flexible it also has made the employees accessible 24 hours a day. So if you and your employer agree on the timings established outside of work, you won’t end up working all day long.

Be clear on your priorities

Figure out your priorities. Ask yourself, “If I could focus on just one thing in my life, what would it be?” Whatever is your answer, focus on that. Then proceed to think about the other things you want to focus on. One by one, mark your top 5 priorities and go about achieving them.

Guard your “ME” time

Me Time
You can’t expect yourself to be at your peak all the time. Even top-performers need a break once in a while. Taking care of one’s headspace is important. Especially when work gets overwhelming. Meditate, go for a walk, or even just distract yourself for some time. The idea is to do never give up on things that you’ve set for yourself, even if your calendar screams, “NO BREAKS!”

Don’t shy away from asking help

You don’t need to do everything by yourself.  Reach out to your colleagues, politely ask if any one of them could help you share the load, but also make a promise to yourself when the time comes for you to help them; you’ll be the first one to say ‘Yes’

Take a hard look at your habits

Take a look at your habits
Staying up late, lack of exercise, poor eating habits, all these add up and cause you to feel that your life has gone for a toss. Make a conscious effort to drop such habits from your life, because as time passes, you’ll find that it gets harder and harder to achieve that already elusive work-life balance.

Work-life balance is tricky but isn’t impossible to achieve. Especially when help is just a click away. Connect with our experts and get the right kind of support, right when you need it.



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