‘Jagga Jasoos’ Actress Bidisha Commits Suicide, Troubled Marriage Suspected As The Reason

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Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Jagga Jasoos’ co-star Bidisha Bezbaruah was found dead at her Gurugram residence on 17th July. It is suspected that the emotional trauma and harassment she was facing from her in-laws was the reason for this drastic step.

Bidisha who belonged from Guwahati got married to a man from Gujarat, almost a year ago. According to reports, Bidisha told her parents that she wished to divorce her husband, to whom she was married for about 14 months.

As per a complaint filed by her family, Bezbaruah was in an unhappy marriage. Bezbaruah had told her friends and family about her husband’s alleged extra-marital affair and the eventual disturbance it brought into her family life. Her father told Tribune India that he was talking to her on the phone before she took the drastic step.

The Haryana police reported that they have arrested her husband yesterday.

“On 17 July, we got the information at around 8:30 that a girl has committed suicide. As soon as we received the information, our police team along with the SHO reached the spot. We took videos and photographs of the spot, after which we brought the body down. Her father has also lodged a complaint against her husband following which he has been arrested,” Harender Kumar, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) (DLF) told ANI

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