Zafrin’s Tough Time With Family & Boyfriends

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For untold reasons, Zafrin and her brother lived with their aunt. Their parents would visit them only once a month. Though Zafrin’s father rarely visited her, they shared a strong bond. She was just 5 years old when she heard the news of her father’s demise.

“I saw his face in a coffin and I didn’t shed a single tear”

She says things got worse from that day. She felt that her mother was partial to her brother. She felt ignored and isolated. When she needed her mother the most, she wasn’t available at all.


“Yes! I hated my mother. The only person who I considered as my own was my Aunt.”

During that phase, her aunt was like a godmother, and her mother unhelpful. Time passed by and Zafrin fell in love with her brother’s friend. It was a long distance relationship as he lived in Malaysia. She was madly in love with him. But all of a sudden, he broke up with her without any explanation. She was so hurt by his betrayal that she went into Depression. She cried herself to sleep for weeks.

“I got into meaningless relationships just to fill the void that he had left in my heart.”

Her friends judged and shamed her way of life. She silently suffered without sharing her feelings with anyone. She befriended a guy on Facebook. They started talking to each other and soon, the guy fell in love with Zafrin. Initially, she considered him like any other guy. But soon, she understood him. Their bond grew stronger as he helped her come out of the darkest phase of her life. He was her saviour. He motivated her to live her life for herself and not for others. He made her a stronger person. She feels the same vibe from him that she had felt with her father. The love from him helped Zafrin heal and she says that she is really lucky to have him in her life.

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