Living Away From Home Added On To Ashi’s Plight

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Ashi is pursuing B.Tech from a renowned University in Rajasthan. During the second year of college, her battle with Depression began. Her college was more than 600 kilometres away from home so she had to stay at the college hostel.

“It was the first time I was living without my parents. Living alone was difficult.”

She tried adjusting with the new atmosphere at the hostel. She adopted the changed lifestyle but when she needed friends the most she was left alone. The scars of her breakup were deep making her vulnerable. When needed care and support she was isolated by her friends.

“I was left alone. I cried for several nights. Getting up from my bed seemed like climbing a mountain barefoot.”

Ashi was lonely. She didn’t have anybody to share her emotional turmoil. There was nobody who could help her come out of her negative thoughts. She stopped doing everything. She missed all her morning classes. Getting up from bed seemed nearly impossible.


She was losing her confidence about herself. She couldn’t make eye-contact with anyone. She feared being judged for being a loner. She had completely stopped speaking to people.

“Once I was aware of my condition I decided to bring out a positive change in my life. I didn’t want to be just a product of circumstances.”

Ashi started reading self-helps books. She maintained a journal about her thoughts and experiences. She cried sometimes when she could no more handle her emotions. She began a new journey to re-discover herself.

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