A Young Boy Lost All Hope After His Father’s Demise

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Siddarth is a doctor who completed his studies in 2012. Like many others, he believed Government jobs to be a safe haven. He gave three interviews but despite his qualification, he was rejected. He was determined and stayed positive to continue trying. That’s when tragedy struck him and his father passed away.

“I felt a sense of breakdown. There was an emptiness I had never come across.”

This caused frequent panic attacks. He felt like he couldn’t breathe. While driving he would feel dehydrated. His heart would beat faster like it would blast any minute. It had an impact on his sleeping pattern too. He couldn’t sleep peacefully anymore. He would wake up after every few minutes. The unknown fear had conquered his sleep and life in total.


“It was worse than hell to me. I didn’t know what was even happening.”

After speaking to his family he decided to seek help. He went to a psychiatrist to seek help. The medicines helped him calm down. He felt that he didn’t want to depend on such medicines all his life. So he took charge of helping himself.

“I knew I had to take charge of my life. I couldn’t let Depression win over me. I fought back to save myself.”

It takes courage to stay strong when you have regular panic attacks but Sidharth stood strong. His family and dog continuously supported him. He read and watched several videos to stay motivated. Knowing that there is an army of warriors fighting against Depression spreads a positive vibe.

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