Sudden Mood Swings & Depression Have Wreaked Havoc In Saqib’s Life

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Saqib, a 21-year-old hails from Delhi. He is currently pursuing his Master’s in Business Administration. He has been suffering from frequent mood swings and depression for the past one year. On a physician’s recommendation, he underwent Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Complete Blood Count (CBC) and Thyroid tests. But all the results showed no signs of a discrepancy. The doctor prescribed him medicines for a few months. He took the medicines sincerely but there was no improvement in his condition.


Every day seemed worse than the previous. He was physically active but mentally lost. He felt as if he was living his worst nightmare.

“I am alive just for the sake of my mother. I have no interest in my life, but I hope that one day everything will be fine.”

He would go to college and focus on academics, hang out with his friends outside campus and hit the gym late at night. In spite of all this, he would feel as though he wasn’t doing anything in life.

“I regularly use social media accounts to distract myself from all the negativity in my life. But the relief is always short-lived.”

The only time he felt liberated was when he would go to the gym and work out. Sometimes he would stay at home, switch off all the lights and watch a movie alone. He would try his best to keep himself busy but nothing seemed to help his case.

“I find solace in living my life in isolation and darkness.”

We hope Saqib seeks professional help for his mental condition. YourDOST wishes Saqib a speedy recovery from all the stress he is going through.

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