My Husband Refuses To Have Sex With Me!

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Question: I am married since last 5 months. It was a love marriage. It’s second marriage for my husband and first one for me. Sadly, we have never had a physical relationship in these 5 months. My husband never seems interested. When I probed him about the problem, he told me he needs some more time. Also, he never opens up on this matter.

Apart from zero sex life, everything else in our relationship is very good. He is extremely nice to me. But, sexual dissatisfaction is building frustration in me and I am unable to find a solution. Please guide me on how to handle this situation. – By Anonymous

Response by Gayathri Rao: I understand it must be frustrating for you to not know what is going wrong. Given that it is your husband’s second marriage, the reasons for the first marriage not working, could be overflowing into this marriage as well. It is great that you have tried to probe and get a better understanding of what could be holding him back and have been patient about this for all this while.

You also said it was a love marriage, meaning he was consciously ready to commit and take on the responsibilities of a married life. With physical intimacy being a big part of your relationship with him, his reluctance could be a reflection of a deeper issue which would definitely require a bit more time.

Source: TOI

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